Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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# Date Title Event Type WISER Research Theme
79 Nov 7 Publics, Counterpublics, Black Publics: The Growth of a Negritude Public in the Twentieth Century Seminars
78 Nov 3 Making minorities and marginalised groups in Kenya Seminars Politics of Population Registration, Law and Personhood
77 Nov 2 INVITE | Siseko Kumalo, Edwin Cameron and Gerrit Olivier on Koos Prinsloo | 2 Nov | 5pm Public Events Curating the Afropolitan City
76 Oct 31 On Being Touched by Boeremusiek: Listening as Haptic Event Seminars
75 Oct 24 Architecture and History in a Refugee Camp Seminars
74 Oct 20 INVITE | Debating Decolonization as a Theory of Knowledge Seminars Public Positions, Locations of African Critical Theory
73 Oct 17 Acknowledging Natural Punishment Seminars
72 Oct 6 Towards a Fully Digital Home Affairs: (e-)Citizenship, Capacity Development and Efficient Service Delivery in the 4IR Public Events Trust, Policy
71 Oct 3 Colonial Carnivalesque: Transgressing Normativities and Gender Performance in Mozambique and Angola Seminars
70 Oct 1 The WiSER Podcast | Cheikh BA | Riverine landscapes in Senegal Podcasts Environmental Humanities, Locations of African Critical Theory
69 Sep 30 Technoscapes | Guest Lecture by Ranjit Singh | 30 Sept | 2pm Seminars STS Africa
68 Sep 29 INVITE | Technicisation and (De)colonisation | 29 Sept | 1pm Seminars STS Africa, Knowledge Futures, African Futures
67 Sep 28 INVITE | Lecture by Eyal Weizman on “Cloud Studies: Atmospheric Violence” Public Events STS Africa, Medical Humanities in Africa, Digital Humanities, Locations of African Critical Theory
66 Sep 26 Mandela's Nurse Seminars
65 Sep 22 The History of Black Lawyers in South Africa and Beyond II Seminars Law and Personhood
64 Sep 22 INVITE | Lunchtime seminar by Ramesh Srinivasan | 22 Sept | 12noon Seminars STS Africa
63 Sep 21 Online Book Discussion | WORRIER STATE | Risk, anxiety and moral panic in South Africa by Nicky Falkof | 21 Sept | 6pm Book Launches Locations of African Critical Theory
62 Sep 19 Dissonant intimacies: South-South asymmetries, coloniality and failure Seminars
61 Sep 5 Imported Black Books, Radical Undesirability, and Comparative Reading Under Apartheid Seminars
60 Aug 31 Call for Applications: Population, Ethics, and Human Rights Fellowship Advertisements Politics of Population Registration
59 Aug 29 Anti-colonial resistance in South Africa and Israel/Palestine: comparative dimensions Seminars
58 Aug 22 The Bitter Aloe Project: Applying Advanced Machine Learning to the Truth and Reconciliation Archive Seminars
57 Aug 18 The politics of cooperative movements in three continents: Mesopotomia Coop in Rojava, Mondragon in Basque Country and A Public Events
56 Aug 15 Born White: Race, Religion, and the Conscientious Objector to Smallpox Vaccination in Britain and Natal Seminars
55 Aug 8 The New Nuclear Age Podcasts Knowledge Futures
54 Aug 4 Two Oceanic Events Public Events Environmental Humanities
53 Aug 4 Marigold Oceanic Bead Event | 4th Aug at 5pm Public Events Environmental Humanities
52 Aug 4 Two Oceanic events at WiSER | 4 Aug | 3pm to 7pm Public Events Environmental Humanities
51 Aug 3 A History of Black Lawyers in South Africa | 3 August | 9am | WISER Seminar room Public Events Law and Personhood
50 Aug 3 A History of Black Lawyers in South Africa Public Events Law and Personhood
49 Aug 3 Invite - Seminar by Achille Mbembe on Notes on Planetary Habitability | 3 Aug | 5pm | Senate Room Public Events Knowledge Futures
48 Aug 3 A History of Black Lawyers in South Africa Public Events, Seminars Law and Personhood
47 Aug 2 Invite - Wits University Press turns 100 | 2 August | 6pm Public Events Knowledge Futures
46 Aug 1 Finding Nemo: Energy, Justice and Transition Seminars
45 Jul 29 The WiSER Podcast | Caio Simoes De Araujo | Bridging the Bay: Maputo-Katembe Podcasts Knowledge Futures
44 Jul 28 Rethinking Social Justice: Ecological Justice and Ordinary Violence Today Public Events Knowledge Futures
43 Jul 28 Programme in African Digital Humanities : Beyond Year Three Public Events, Seminars Digital Humanities
42 Jul 27 BOOK LAUNCH: Foundational African Writers | Johannesburg - Thurs, 28 July 2022 - 17:30 Book Launches Knowledge Futures
41 Jul 21 Dockside Reading: Hydrocolonialism and the Custom House Book Launches Environmental Humanities
40 Jul 18 Routledge Handbook of Critical Studies in Whiteness Public Events Knowledge Futures
39 Jul 14 Curating Africans | Decolonizing Art? Advertisements Knowledge Futures
38 Jun 28 School for Human Rights and the Environment Advertisements Environmental Humanities
37 Jun 13 The WiSER Podcast | Season 5 | Episode 1 Advertisements Knowledge Futures
36 Jun 9 Critical Thought, Human Rights and Freedom in the Middle East in 2020s Public Events Knowledge Futures, Law and Personhood
35 Jun 8 Vampires: Pandemics & Politics Advertisements Knowledge Futures
34 Jun 7 INVITE | "Making Homes in Displacement: Critical Reflections on a Spatial Practice" by Prof. Hilde Heynen | 7 Public Events Knowledge Futures
33 Jun 7 Invitation | Literary studies, decolonization and climate-transformed scholarship | 7 June | 1pm (online) Advertisements Environmental Humanities
32 Jun 6 The WiSER Podcast | Season Five Public Events Knowledge Futures
31 Jun 6 The Ends of War : Homecoming for the Indian Soldier and Follower, 1914–21 Seminars
30 Jun 1 The History of Black Lawyers in South Africa Advertisements Law and Personhood
29 Jun 1 Public Positions – Abou Farman on ‘Future Inevitable’ | 1 June | 4pm SA time Public Events Public Positions, STS Africa
28 May 30 On Pluviality: Reading for Rain in Namwali Serpell’sThe Old Drift Seminars
27 May 26 Book Launch | Spear: Mandela and the Revolutionaries Book Launches Knowledge Futures
26 May 26 DECOLONISATIONS OF LITERATURE - Critical Practice in Africa and Brazil After 1945 Launch | 26 May | 4pm (Jhb time) Book Launches Knowledge Futures
25 May 23 A Man among Other Men: The Crisis of Black Masculinity in Racial Capitalism Seminars
24 May 23 Africapitalism Seminars
23 May 19 New WiSER Research Platform Advertisements Knowledge Futures
22 May 16 ‘Grass in the cracks’: Gender, social reproduction and climate justice in the Xolobeni struggle. Seminars
21 May 12 After Decolonization? First Events Public Events Locations of African Critical Theory
20 May 4 PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Amade M’charek | 4 May | 4pm SA TIME Public Positions, STS Africa
19 Apr 25 American ideology and the politics of pain in a South African university Seminars
18 Apr 11 Macroeconomic determinants of South Africa’s post-apartheid income distribution Seminars
17 Apr 6 PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Sheila Jasanoff | 6 April | 2:30pm SA T Advertisements Public Positions, STS Africa
16 Apr 5 WISER Lunchtime Discussion : South Africa/Ukraine-Thinking migration crises across both contexts | 5 April | 1-2pm Public Events Curating the Afropolitan City, Law and Personhood, Locations of African Critical Theory, African Futures
15 Apr 4 Cultural Property and The Question of Repatriation Seminars
14 Mar 28 The Archive Machine: The Truth Commission and the Archaeology of Apartheid Seminars
13 Mar 22 The Weight in the Air Advertisements Knowledge Futures
12 Mar 22 Omeka : Making Progress Workshop Seminars Digital Humanities
11 Mar 15 Invite | Book Launch | Isabel Hofmeyr and Charne Lavery | 15 March | 5pm Book Launches Environmental Humanities
10 Mar 14 Designing a syndemic risk environment: racial containment and health in historical context. Seminars
9 Mar 9 Invite - PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Manjari Mahajan | 9 March | 2: Public Positions, STS Africa
8 Mar 8 Digital Research with Zotero Collaborations, Public Events Digital Humanities
7 Mar 7 Twilight governance: local power, politics and participation in Luanda Seminars
6 Mar 3 Strange Cargo by Ashraf Jamal launches 3 March Book Launches Knowledge Futures
5 Feb 28 Revolutionary mathematics : risk, class and the financial overthrow of mining capitalism Seminars
4 Feb 11 The WiSER Podcast | Season Five Public Events Environmental Humanities, Knowledge Futures, Law and Personhood, Locations of African Critical Theory
3 Feb 7 Cultural Property and the Question of Repatriation Seminars
2 Feb 2 After Covid : An on-line panel discussion with Adam Tooze, Hilary Cooper and Simon Szreter Book Launches Knowledge Futures
1 Jan 15 Call for Applications | ONE YEAR POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP | Regions2050 : Mobile spaces, porous borders, and pathways of Advertisements Knowledge Futures