Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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# Date Title Event Type WISER Research Theme
26 May 23 Africapitalism Seminars
25 May 23 A Man among Other Men: The Crisis of Black Masculinity in Racial Capitalism Seminars
24 May 19 New WiSER Research Platform Advertisements Knowledge Futures
23 May 16 ‘Grass in the cracks’: Gender, social reproduction and climate justice in the Xolobeni struggle. Seminars
22 May 12 After Decolonization? First Events Public Events Locations of African Critical Theory
21 May 4 PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Amade M’charek | 4 May | 4pm SA TIME Public Positions, STS Africa
20 Apr 25 American ideology and the politics of pain in a South African university Seminars
19 Apr 11 Macroeconomic determinants of South Africa’s post-apartheid income distribution Seminars
18 Apr 6 PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Sheila Jasanoff | 6 April | 2:30pm SA T Advertisements Public Positions, STS Africa
17 Apr 5 WISER Lunchtime Discussion : South Africa/Ukraine-Thinking migration crises across both contexts | 5 April | 1-2pm Public Events Curating the Afropolitan City, Law and Personhood, Locations of African Critical Theory, African Futures
16 Apr 4 Cultural Property and The Question of Repatriation Seminars
15 Apr 1 CANCELLED : Critical Thought, Human Rights and Freedom in the Middle East in 2020s Public Events Knowledge Futures, Law and Personhood
14 Mar 28 The Archive Machine: The Truth Commission and the Archaeology of Apartheid Seminars
13 Mar 22 The Weight in the Air Advertisements Knowledge Futures
12 Mar 22 Omeka : Making Progress Workshop Seminars Digital Humanities
11 Mar 15 Invite | Book Launch | Isabel Hofmeyr and Charne Lavery | 15 March | 5pm Book Launches Oceanic Humanities
10 Mar 14 Designing a syndemic risk environment: racial containment and health in historical context. Seminars
9 Mar 9 Invite - PUBLIC POSITIONS SERIES - STS, Political Order and Maintaining Planetary Life by Manjari Mahajan | 9 March | 2: Public Positions, STS Africa
8 Mar 8 Digital Research with Zotero Collaborations, Public Events Digital Humanities
7 Mar 7 Twilight governance: local power, politics and participation in Luanda Seminars
6 Mar 3 Strange Cargo by Ashraf Jamal launches 3 March Book Launches Knowledge Futures
5 Feb 28 Revolutionary mathematics : risk, class and the financial overthrow of mining capitalism Seminars
4 Feb 11 WiSER welcomes you to its 2022 program. Public Events Oceanic Humanities, Digital Humanities, Knowledge Futures, Law and Personhood, Locations of African Critical Theory
3 Feb 7 Cultural Property and the Question of Repatriation Seminars
2 Feb 2 After Covid : An on-line panel discussion with Adam Tooze, Hilary Cooper and Simon Szreter Book Launches Knowledge Futures
1 Jan 15 Call for Applications | ONE YEAR POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP | Regions2050 : Mobile spaces, porous borders, and pathways of Advertisements Knowledge Futures