Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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# Date Title Event Type WISER Research Theme
80 Dec 31 Reading for Water: Materiality and Method edited Isabel Hofmeyr, Charne Lavery and Sarah Nuttall Book Launches Knowledge Futures
79 Dec 6 Fintech in Nairobi: Exploring techno-worlding and ordinary speculation | Trust Seminar Collaborations, Seminars Trust
78 Nov 30 Call for MA Scholarship Applications | Currencies, Colonial Economies, and the Making of South African State: Studying E Advertisements Trust
77 Nov 30 Translating Technology in Africa. Volume 1: Metrics | Brill Book Launches Digital Humanities, STS Africa
76 Nov 29 Invitation | Post-Extractivism Post-Institute Collaborations Environmental Humanities
75 Nov 22 NTV Debate -- Leaving no one behind : Assessing Uganda's readiness for Ndaga Muntu Public Events Policy
74 Nov 15 Call for Applications | Crafting Socio-Legal Methods in Africa: Local Realities and Global Debates Advertisements Law and Personhood
73 Nov 8 Final Session Heated Conversations by Panashe Chigumadzi with Sethembile Msezane| 9 Nov | 6pm (Johannesburg time) Public Events Locations of African Critical Theory
72 Nov 8 Trust in Mining | Keynote | Courageous Conversations Collaborations, Public Events Trust, Policy
70 Oct 31 WiSER announces a new Seminar Series : Heated Conversations Seminars Knowledge Futures
69 Oct 23 The Politics of Seamless Travel: From matters of care and concern to matters of dissent Seminars
68 Oct 16 Beyond the ‘definition paradigm’: Rethinking ‘community’ and mining-led conflict in rural South Africa Seminars
67 Oct 11 INVITE | Heated Conversations by Gabeba Baderoon | 11 Oct | 6pm (Johannesburg time) Public Events Knowledge Futures
66 Oct 11 Heated Conversations I Final Four Sessions Seminars Knowledge Futures
65 Oct 10 Interdisciplinary Research Webinar on Population Registers, Ethics and Human Rights Public Events Politics of Population Registration, Trust
64 Oct 2 A Catalytic Role Untold : Coca-Cola and the Undoing of Apartheid Seminars
63 Sep 29 Advertisement: WISER Directorship Advertisements African Futures, Knowledge Futures, Locations of African Critical Theory
62 Sep 28 Buried in Gold: A Non-Existent Regulatory Framework for Mining in South Africa Public Events Trust, Policy
61 Sep 28 INVITE | CONGO STYLE : From Belgian Art Nouveau to African Independence by Ruth Sacks | 28 Sept | 6pm | ONLINE Book Launches Knowledge Futures
60 Sep 27 INVITE | Heated Conversations by Louise Green | 27 Sept | 6pm (Johannesburg time) Seminars Knowledge Futures
59 Sep 21 Book Launch | The Revolution will not be Litigated - Edited by Katie Redford & Mark Gevisser | 21 Sept | 6pm Book Launches Law and Personhood
58 Sep 20 CSIR Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution | Digital Identity Public Events Trust, Policy
57 Sep 18 An Overview of Frontier Technologies for Land Tenure: How to Avoid the Hype and Focus on What Matters Seminars Trust
56 Sep 13 INVITE | Heated Conversations by Cajetan Iheka | 13 Sept | 6pm (Johannesburg time) Seminars Knowledge Futures
55 Sep 11 Bargaining with the state? Black farmers’ petitions for agricultural support, amidst white farmers’ subsidies, 1920s-197 Seminars Trust
54 Sep 6 Reading From the South : African Print Cultures and Oceanic Turns in Isabel Hofmeyr’s Work | 6 September | 4pm @WISEROnl Book Launches Knowledge Futures
53 Sep 6 Finance, smaller firms and employment : An abusive relationship Seminars Trust, Policy
52 Sep 4 A population-based estimation and assessment of persons lacking official proof of legal identity Seminars Trust
51 Aug 28 “Open Doors” and “Stranger Natives”: white supremacy, racialisation and governing im/mobilities in African Trusts Seminars Trust
50 Aug 24 Land, debt and trust in the making of biometric capitalism Seminars Trust
49 Aug 21 "The girl is not consulted" : Abduction marriages and gendered traditions of violence Seminars Trust
48 Aug 16 Decolonisation and the Archive: Languages and Method in the Digital Era | 16-17 Aug | 12noon - 3:30 Seminars Digital Humanities
47 Aug 15 Lunchtime Seminar on Rural Imaginations with Esther Peeren and Tjalling Valdés Olmos | 15 Aug | 1pm Seminars Curating the Afropolitan City
46 Aug 14 “Astral Forms: Halley’s Comet and Sol Plaatje’s Reading of the “Long White Tail” of Colonial History.” Seminars
45 Aug 7 The Land and its people : The South African ‘Land Question’ and the Post-Apartheid Political Order Seminars Trust
44 Aug 3 Online Discussion with Bridget Kenny | 3 August | 6pm Seminars Knowledge Futures
43 Aug 2 INVITE | Heated Conversations by Debjani Ganguly | 2 August | 10am (Johannesburg time) Seminars Knowledge Futures
42 Jul 31 Changing Verifiable Identity Across Africa: A Sociotechnical and Political Economy Mapping of Initiatives for Digital Pu Seminars Trust
41 Jul 29 WiSER Invites you to GASP - An Exhibition by Isabel Hofmeyr | 28-29 Oct 2023 Public Events Knowledge Futures
40 Jul 27 Book discussion with Faeeza Ballim on ESKOM: Power, Politics and the (Post) Apartheid State Book Launches Knowledge Futures
39 Jul 26 Heated Conversations by Sumana Roy | 26 July | 6pm Public Events Curating the Afropolitan City
38 Jul 21 Appointment | Researcher | Trust Infrastructures Advertisements Trust
37 Jul 19 Heated Conversations by Radhika Subramaniam | 19 July | 6pm Public Events Knowledge Futures
36 Jul 18 Lunchtime Seminar by Siseko Kumalo | Tuesday, 18th July | 1pm Seminars African Futures
35 Jun 21 Heated Conversations by Hugo ka Canham | 21 June | 6pm Public Events Knowledge Futures
34 Jun 13 Online book discussion with Vron Ware on RETURN OF A NATIVE : Learning from the Land Public Events Knowledge Futures
33 Jun 8 Platform economies: Beyond the North-South divide Seminars Trust
32 Jun 5 Nets of Social Motion: Black Christianity in South African History Seminars
31 May 29 Cooperatives and cooperation: Black and white farmers in the Transvaal, 1930s-1960s Seminars Trust
30 May 28 WORDS Festival | Sunday, 28th May Public Events Knowledge Futures
29 May 23 Book discussion | Winnie & Nelson - Portrait of a Marriage by Jonny Steinberg | 23 May | 6pm | In-Person Public Events Knowledge Futures
28 May 22 Center-led Fiscal Reform and the Rise of Regional Power Blocs in a Limpopo Municipality, 1980-2020 Seminars Trust
27 May 15 “Open Doors” and “Stranger Natives”: white supremacy, racialisation and governing im/mobilities in African Trusts Seminars Trust
26 May 8 Regulatory efforts to reign in digital credit: Case study of evolving regulation in Kenya Seminars Trust
25 May 4 The World is Ending Again: African Humanities in Times of Crisis Collaborations Sugarman
24 Apr 26 New Online Series - Heated Conversations | Killian Quigley Seminars Knowledge Futures
23 Apr 25 INVITE | Book Launch and Discussion on Jochen Arndt's new book | 25 April | 12:30 Book Launches Knowledge Futures
22 Apr 24 “We Will Not Follow You Like Sheep”: Literacy, Officialdom, and Generational Politics in the Digital Age Seminars Trust
21 Apr 19 New Online Series - Heated Conversations Seminars Locations of African Critical Theory
20 Apr 5 NONI JABAVU A Stranger at Home Book Launches Knowledge Futures
19 Apr 3 An air of legality – legalization under conditions of rightlessness in Indonesia Seminars
18 Mar 30 Heated Conversations announcement Seminars Locations of African Critical Theory
17 Mar 29 New Online Series - Heated Conversations | Grace Musila | 29 March | 6pm Seminars Locations of African Critical Theory
16 Mar 28 Bronwen Manby | Post-Colonial Citizenship and Decolonisation as a Turning Point: Continuities and Discontinuities in Afr Seminars Trust
15 Mar 27 Labour recruiters as Lumpen-brokers Seminars
14 Mar 23 PIAF | Identification and Citizenship in Africa -- an overview Collaborations, Seminars Trust
13 Mar 20 Looking below racism. Renegotiating authority at school through challenging the policing of hairstyles, an inside view o Seminars Law and Personhood
12 Mar 15 Invitation | Building trust after the African polycrisis | People, Energy, Climate and Finance Public Events Trust, Policy
11 Mar 13 The (un) making of electoral transparency through technology: The 2017 Kenyan presidential election controversy Seminars Trust
10 Mar 6 Researching Africa and the Offshore World Seminars Trust
9 Mar 2 POSTPONED | Book discussion | NONI JABAVU - A Stranger at Home | 2 March | 6pm | In-Person Book Launches Locations of African Critical Theory
8 Feb 27 Capitalizing on competing property titles in the Simandou iron ore reserves in Guinea:investor-state arbitration vs host Seminars Trust
7 Feb 20 The Memory Flâneur in Teju Cole’s Open City Seminars
6 Feb 13 Denationalization in the Dominican Republic: Trapping Victims in the State’s Administrative Maze Seminars Politics of Population Registration
5 Feb 9 INVITE | Book discussion | IN THE SKIN OF THE CITY - Spatial Transformation in Luanda by António Tomás | 8 Feb | 7pm | Book Launches Curating the Afropolitan City
4 Feb 1 The WiSER Podcast | Bessie Head's Absorbent Literature by Anneke Rautenbach Podcasts Locations of African Critical Theory
3 Jan 31 INVITE | Book discussion | CHANGING THE SUBJECT | Feminist and Queer Politics in Neoliberal India by Srila Roy | 31 Jan Book Launches Governing Intimacies
2 Jan 20 African Trust Infrastructures : Call for Doctoral Fellowship Applications Advertisements Trust
1 Jan 1 Sarah Nuttall Finishes her Second Term as WiSER Director Public Events Locations of African Critical Theory