Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Name Title Datesort descending
Keith Breckenridge Johannesburg Colloquium on the Future of Legal Identity 14-Feb-2017
Achille Mbembe Sarah Nuttall The Truth about Crime 20-Jul-2017
Andreas Kalyvas Democracy and the Poor 03-Aug-2017
Name Title Datesort descending
Marielle Debos Living by the Gun in Chad: Combatants, Impunity and State Formation 20-Feb-2017
Richard Rottenburg Discussion -- Far fetched facts : A parable of development aid 22-Feb-2017
Rita Kesselring Bodies of Truth: Law, Memory and Emancipation in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Book discussion and launch 27-Feb-2017
Andreas Kalyvas Carl Schmitt's Postcolonial Imagination 06-Mar-2017
Nompumelelo Zinhle Manzini African Conceptions of Person as Gendered, Ableist and Anti-queer 13-Mar-2017
David Johnson 'Left imperialism, or workers of the world unite? The colonial origins of South African socialism 15-Mar-2017
Bettina Malcomess Moving Image as chronotope of the Colonial Imagination 20-Mar-2017
Keith Breckenridge WISER Interrogating Political Economy Seminar : Economization 23-Mar-2017
Candice Jansen VULNERABILITIES OF THE IMAGE: Cedric Nunn & Coloured Family in Struggle 27-Mar-2017
Kate Chandler Drone Publics? 28-Mar-2017
Zen Marie PhD Proposal Presentation : Site Specific Art in Johannesburg - Aesthetic Practice, Political Contestation and the Urba 30-Mar-2017
Richard Pithouse Manichean Delirium (In the Time of Jacob Zuma) 03-Apr-2017
Sarah Nuttall Cultural Solidarities 06-Apr-2017
Gregory Dowd AMfecaneRICA, 1650-1850: What can Historians of Native America Learn from Southern Africanists? 10-Apr-2017
J. Daniel Elam Is the “global” in “global literature” the same as the “global” in “global climate change”? 11-Apr-2017
James Fowkes Building the Constitution 19-Apr-2017
Edgar Taylor The Tank Hill Party: Generational Politics and Decolonization in East Africa 24-Apr-2017
Keith Breckenridge WIPES : Jane Guyer's Legacies, Logics, Logistics Essays in the Anthropology of the Platform Economy 04-May-2017
Lucy Allais ‘Is there Western Philosophy?’ a discussion with Lucy Allais and Eusebius McKaiser 08-May-2017
Daniel Magaziner African Architecture, Education and Possibility in the 1960s 15-May-2017
Cynthia, and John Kros, Wright "You can write and remember but we are simply izithunguthu'" 22-May-2017
Adam Hanieh Class, State and the crisis of legitimacy in the Arab World 23-May-2017
Tafadzwa Zvobgo The Role of Women in Election Violence 25-May-2017
Achille Mbembe Future Knowledges 29-May-2017
Keith Breckenridge Getting Started with Zotero 01-Jun-2017
Robyn Bloch The apartheid historian’s struggle: black betrayal and its effects 05-Jun-2017
Grieve Chelwa Does economics have an ‘Africa Problem’? Some data and preliminary thoughts 12-Jun-2017
Shireen Hassim Intimacies of Care 13-Jun-2017
Susan Levine Flashes, Fragments, and the Sound Bite in Writing Ethnography 14-Jun-2017
Jean Comaroff John Comaroff The Politics of Dread 26-Jul-2017
Keith Breckenridge The single source of truth about Kenyans : collateral mysteries, credit information and Safaricom 31-Jul-2017
William Mpofu Decoloniality as Travelling Theory: Or What Decoloniality is not 07-Aug-2017
Juan Obarrio private/public government of communities 14-Aug-2017
Isabel Hofmeyr Sound on Water 18-Aug-2017
Srimati Basu Cures and Side Effects: Feminist Reform and Law in India 23-Aug-2017
Jim Campbell History, Memory, and the Mississippi Freedom Movement 28-Aug-2017
Crispian Garth Olver PhD Proposal Presentation : The political economy of rent seeking in South African cities 30-Aug-2017
Keith Breckenridge WISER Interrogating Political Economy Seminar : Central Bankers' Rhetoric 31-Aug-2017
Mekonnen Ayano Invite - Seminar by Mazibuko Jara on“Law and Society: Property and Rights in Land in South Africa”- 27 Sept - 1pm 01-Sep-2017
Benson A Mulemi Popular Theorizing on albinism and the human in Eastern Africa: Exploration of Tanzanian experience. 04-Sep-2017
Sarah Nuttall Symposium : Medical Memoirs 06-Sep-2017
Jon Klaaren Seminar by Lionel Zevounou on the concept of Assimilation in French Law: A post-colonial approach - 13 Sept at 1pm 13-Sep-2017
Faeeza Ballim Neoliberalism and the techno-politics of Apartheid 18-Sep-2017
Héloïse Pillayre The Avenues of Compensation of Sufferers of Asbestos-Derived Illnesses. Choice of Mechanisms, Implication in Victims’ Or 21-Sep-2017
Mazibuko Jara Seminar on "Law and Society: Property and Rights in Land in South Africa" - 27 Sept - 1pm 27-Sep-2017
Keith Breckenridge WISER Interrogating Political Economy Seminar : Brautigam on China in Africa 28-Sep-2017
Darja Djordjevic Historicizing Public Oncology in Rwanda: From Geographies of Incidence to Onco-Nationhood (1915-2015) 02-Oct-2017
Bodhi Kar Infrastructure of Indigeneity : The League of Nations and the Archival Cut of “Unfree Labour” 09-Oct-2017
Thato Masiangoako The shaping of legal consciousness through the experience of short-term incarceration 16-Oct-2017
Srila Roy Queer activism as governmentality: regulating lesbian lives in India 23-Oct-2017
Jonathan Klaaren Invitation: Seminar by Jackie Dugard “Is South Africa’s property clause (Section 25) an obstacle or engine for Socio-Eco 24-Oct-2017
Keith Breckenridge Zotero Workshop : Basics 01-Nov-2017
Keith Breckenridge Automating reading with Zotero, Zotfile and the Google Scholar extension 14-Nov-2017
Keith Breckenridge WISER Interrogating Political Economy Seminar : Intellectual histories of neo-liberalism 07-Dec-2017
Public Events
Name Title Datesort descending
Richard Rottenburg Evidences and Futures 23-Feb-2017
Sumandro Chattapadhyay Unbundling the "WhatsApp Moment" in Indian Banking: Deregulation by Code 14-Mar-2017
Reinhart Kössler Consequences of a Genocide: Politics of Apology between Namibia and Germany 22-Mar-2017
Stephen Graham Luxified skies: How vertical urban housing became an elite preserve 22-Mar-2017
Marissa Mika Cobalt Blues: The Half Life of Radiotherapy in Uganda 29-Mar-2017
Michelle Leon African Studies -- New Online Resources for Teaching and Research 30-Mar-2017
Eva Riedke Material participation and the notion of ‘doing one’s share’: re-considering engagements in present-day virginity testin 13-Apr-2017
Keith Breckenridge Inaugural Lecture : Biometric capitalism and the future of History 16-May-2017
Keith Breckenridge Zotero : Things to get right capturing and sharing records 08-Jun-2017
Achille Mbembe Discussion of 'Critique of Black Reason' 19-Jun-2017
Robin Kelley Over the Rainbow: Black Studies, Black Struggle, and the Neoliberal Turn 27-Jun-2017
Robin Kelley Searching for Africa in America: Some Preliminary Reflections 06-Jul-2017
Achille Mbembe The Violence of Borders 01-Aug-2017
Kaushik Sunder Rajan Discussion of 'Pharmocracy: Value, Politics, and Knowledge in Global Biomedicine' 02-Aug-2017
Sarah Nuttall WiSER Winter Programme in Critical Thought 15-Aug-2017
Shireen Hassim Medical Memoirs : CANCER A LOVE STORY - a conversation with Lauren Segal 29-Aug-2017
Sarah Nuttall Medical memoirs: Exploring writing about illness, death, recovery 06-Sep-2017
Sarah Nuttall Fiston Mwanza Mujila in conversation with Hugo Canham, Dilip Menon, and Joshua Walker | 12 September | 1pm 12-Sep-2017
Max Bolt THE 'FAMILY HOUSE': Kinship, Inheritance and the legacies of Township Property Regimes 19-Sep-2017
Keith Breckenridge DM Public Panel: Complex Relationships of Feminism and Marxism 10-Oct-2017
Achille Mbembe Invitation | The Culture of Maize : A Bridge Between Mexico and Africa | 9 November | 4pm - 6:15pm 09-Nov-2017
Book Launches
Name Title Datesort descending
Michael Neocosmos Launch of 'Thinking Freedom in Africa' 15-Mar-2017
Hennie van Vuuren Apartheid Guns and Profit 15-May-2017
Christa Kuljian De-Colonizing Science? The Case of Human Origins Research 17-May-2017
Achille Mbembe Launch of Critique of Black Reason 06-Jun-2017
Achille Mbembe Cape Town Launch of Critique of Black Reason 20-Jul-2017
Jean Comaroff John Comaroff Launch of 'The Truth about Crime' 27-Jul-2017
Nicky Falkof Book launch : Remains of the Social Desiring the Post-Apartheid 17-Aug-2017
Shireen Hassim Book Launch : The Unresolved National Question -- Left Thought Under Apartheid 21-Sep-2017
Pamila Gupta Book Launch of the State of Secularism - Religion, Tradition & Democracy in South Africa by Dhammamegha Annie Leatt 11-Oct-2017
Sarah Nuttall Invitation | Book launch and discussion | Homophobic Violence in Armed Conflict and Political Transition | 16 Nov | 1pm 16-Nov-2017
Sarah Nuttall Invitation | Book Launch: Healing the Exposed Being - A South African Ngoma Tradition | 31 Oct | 1pm 23-Nov-2017
Pamila Gupta WISER Book Discussion | A Luta Continua, 40 Anos Depois: Histόrias Entrelaçadas Da África Austral | 27 November | 4pm 27-Nov-2017
Keith Breckenridge Book discussion : Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade 27-Nov-2017
Name Title Datesort descending
Keith Breckenridge Re-considering lung disease in South Africa : the politics of data and materiality in a century of mine silicosis. 15-Apr-2017
Keith Breckenridge CFA: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Medical Humanities 01-Aug-2017
Didier Fassin An International and Interdisciplinary Initiative for Early-Career Scholars from the Global South funded by the Andrew 14-Sep-2017
WISH Seminars
Name Title Datesort descending
Kerry Chance Sacrifice After Mandela: Debts of Liberation Among South Africa’s First Post-Apartheid Generation 24-Jul-2017
Collaborations, Seminars
Name Title Datesort descending
Sarah Nuttall Locations of African and African Diaspora Critical Thought 14-Aug-2017
Sarah Nuttall Locations of African and African Diaspora Critical Thought 14-Aug-2017
Sarah Nuttall Urban Anxieties in the Global South 16-Aug-2017
Sarah Nuttall Urban Anxieties in the Global South 16-Aug-2017