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For a short report on Medical Humanities at WiSER's recent work (2015-16), see the pdf attached to this page.

Medical & Health Humanities Africa network

'Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare,' a new, free online course offered by the University of Cape Town.

CFP: The 8th Annual Medicine and the Humanities and Social Sciences Conference, Sam Houston State University, March 17-18, 2016

CFP: Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS)

Danielle Ofri, 'Storytelling in Medicine: The Passion and the Peril.'

On Oliver Sacks, by Hilary Mantel, and Michiko Kakutani.

Jamie Holmes on teaching ignorance.

English as the language of science.

Victoria Bates on why we should care about the medical humanities.

South Africa's first paired kidney exchange.

The story of HeLa cells - and why Henrietta Lacks's family will now have a say over how her cells are used.

Philosophy is not a science.

Steven Pinker on why the humanities should not fear the sciences - and two ripostes. And why science needs the humanities.

Playing in the archives of Popular Science.

Why universities need the humanities.

How doctors at Chris Hani Baragwanath are raising concerns about mismanagement of the hospital.

Stephen T. Asma on Chinese medicine.

Where did syphilis come from?

The doctor stitching together medicine and art.

'there’s a difference between the cultivation of an active demand for vaccines, and the coercion of passive recipients who merely accept vaccination'.

An extract from Peter Bragge's graphic novel Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story.

Useful Links

The Wellcome Collection and the Wellcome Trust blog.

The Global Health Histories seminar the University of York.

The History of Medicine and Generation to Reproduction seminars at Cambridge.

The blog of Duke University's Medical Centre Archives.

The Institute of Historical Research's History of Sexuality seminar.

The blog of Durham University's Centre for Medical Humanities.

London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health Reports, 1848-1972. And how this resource is useful for historians of sexuality.

The H Word - the Guardian's history of science and medicine blog.

Nursing Clio - a blog dedicated to histories of medicine and gender.

Perceptions of Pregnancy.

Notches: (Re)marks on the History of Sexuality.

Fashionable Diseases.

Early Modern Medicine.


The Chirurgeon's Apprentice.

A nurse blogs her memories of thirty years in the NHS.