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Top - Polityka wrogosci by Achille Mbembe, The Fred de Vries Interviews From Abdullah to Zille by Fred de Vries, Touch, Pause Engage by Liz Mcgregor, Still Beating the Drum by Lindy Stiebel and Liz Gunner, Darwin's Hunch by Christa Kuljian, Critica da razao negra by Achille Mbembe

Bottom - Postcolonialismo by Achille Mbembe, Waiting to Happen: HIV/AIDS in South Africa by Liz Walker, Graeme Reid & Morna Cornell, Emergere Dalla Lunga Notte by Achille Mbembe, Eeen Politiek van Vijand Schap by Achille Mbembe,Thabo Mbeki by Mark Gevisser, Sign and Taboo: Perspectives on the Poetic Fiction of Yvonne Vera edited by Robert Muponde and Mandi Taruvinga


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