Public Positions

WiSER Public Position Series 2022 : STS, Political Order, and Maintaining Planetary Life

Contemporary political attempts at navigating the Anthropocene are interwoven with technoscientific equipment. The current pandemic is just the tip of an iceberg. Yet, against its modernist promise, this equipment does not offer the certainty and guidance its protagonists have promised. Nor does it relieve humanity from the burden of reworking systems without knowing where that will lead. Much of the technoscientific equipment, including digital technologies, is produced in the wealthier Northern countries but also in China and India, and aims to encompass the world, often reproducing older forms of geopolitical inequality. This series assembles talks that demonstrate the importance of knowing how to better interweave projects of political order with technoscientific equipment to maintain planetary life for all.

INVITE | Public Positions: Fanon After Fanon I Session 7 on Fanon Reading Hegel | 21 July | 6pm


Alfred J. Lopez  (Purdue University) 
Fanon Reading Hegel


Amber Jamila Musser (CUNY Graduate Center)
Reading Fanon with Deleuze and Guattari

Public Positions on History and Politics : The Cost of Justice

The Cost of Justice

Briefing Paper for Public Positions Theme Event, 24 March 2014

WiSER, History Workshop & Wits Political Studies Department

Jonathan Klaaren (


Although South Africa’s legal and constitutional regime is one of the best in the world, meaningful access to justice remains largely a function of economic resources. This briefing paper examines the reasons for -- and controversies around -- the costs of legal representation in South Africa as well opening up the concept of access to justice more broadly. Framed within the social justice concerns of the Public Positions series, the paper largely conceives of the legal services sector as a market consisting of the producers of legal services, the consumers of legal services, and the product itself: legal services. The aim here is to ask the social justice question of this ‘market’: over the long term who is meant to bear the costs of justice? The state? Citizens? Corporates? Donors?

INVITE | Public Positions: Fanon After Fanon I Session 8 by Makhosazana Xaba | 1 September | 6pm

Makhosazana Xaba (WiSER, Wits University) Translating The Wretched of the Earth Into isiZulu Makhosazana Xaba will be in conversation with Hlonipha Mokoena (WiSER, Wits University).

Invite | Public Positions: Fanon After Fanon I Session 4 by Camille Robcis | 21 April | 6pm (SA Time)

Session 4 Wednesday, 21st April 6pm (SA Time)

Camille Robcis  (Columbia University)  Fanon and the Decolonization of Psychiatry

Public Positions | 2021- FANON AFTER FANON | Session 1 Young & Khalfa

Jean Khalfa (Cambridge University) and Robert Young (New York University)  Assembling & Disassembling & Reassembling Fanon

Public Positions: Fanon After Fanon I Session 2 by Gavin Arnall and Robyn Marasco | 17 March | 6pm (SA Time)

Gavin Arnall (University of Michigan) Subterranean Fanon: An Underground Theory of Radical Change Robyn Marasco (Hunter College) Frantz Fanon: Critique, With Knives

Public Positions | Rights to Life: Debating a Universal Income Income Grant

WiSER invites you to participate online in the next PUBLIC POSITIONS session : Rights to Life: Debating a Universal Income Grant with Professors Shireen Hassim and Jim Ferguson and Drs Lumkile Mondi and Liz Fouksman

Public Positions | On-Line Panel Discussion | Politics in the Time of the Pandemic: Debt, Surveillance, Care

WiSER invites you to participate in an online discussion session on Politics in the Time of the Pandemic:
Debt, Surveillance, Care.  WiSER Professors Mkhwanazi, Mbembe and Breckenridge will make some opening comments and the discussion will build from there.