Public Positions | Rights to Life: Debating a Universal Income Income Grant

Friday, 12 June, 2020 - 15:30

WiSER invites you to participate online in the next PUBLIC POSITIONS session

Rights to Life: Debating a Universal Income Grant  

Video is available here

Speakers: Professors Shireen Hassim and Jim Ferguson and Drs Lumkile Mondi and Liz Fouksman


 Shireen Hassim is Canada150 Research Chair in Gender and African Politics at Carleton University, and Visiting Professor at WiSER. Her research interests include justice and redistribution and she has published on social welfare in South Africa. She co-edited Gender and Social Policy in Global Context(2006) with Shahra Razavi, and was on the academic advisory committee for UNWomen’s Status of the World’s Women Report.


 James Ferguson is Susan S. and William H. Hindle Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University. He is the author of many books, including Give a Man a Fish: Reflections on the New Politics of Distribution (2005).  A leading thinker on the future of progressive politics, he has written extensively on the rise of social welfare programs targeting the poor in Southern Africa. He is currently working on the diminishing centrality, in much of the world, of livelihoods based on stable waged labor and on the changing nature of social obligations, including the obligation to share.

 Lumkile Mondi is a Lecturer in Economics at Wits.  He recently completed his doctoral thesis (based partly at WISER) on the influence of economic policy and rent-seeking on the Eskom parastatal.  He was the Chief Economist at the Industrial Development Corporation until 2013, and before that worked as Group Economist at Transnet and as a Treasury Economist at SCMB.

Liz Fouksman is a Leverhulme Fellow at the African Studies Centre, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford, and a Research Fellow of St John’s College, University of Oxford. She is also a research associate of the Society, Work and Politics Institute (SWOP) at the University of the Witwatersrand. Liz’s research focuses on the economic world-views of the long-term unemployed in South Africa and Namibia. It examines the social, cultural and political impediments to radical visions of post-work and distribution, such as shorter hours and universal basic income. 

Thursday, 11th June 2020
4pm South African time

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