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Victoria Collis Buthelezi holds a joint appointment at PARI (Public Affairs Research Institute) and WiSER, dividing her time between both Institutes, as part of an exciting new collaboration. She will also lead the South African programme of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s recently launched Atlantic Fellowship for Racial Equity, a partnership that includes Columbia University and Atlantic Philanthropies. The Fellowship will bring together scholars , activists and artists whose work shares a commitment to disrupting and dismantling anti-black racism, which Fellows coming from the US and South Africa.

Victoria co-convenes the National Institute of the Humanities (NIHSS) Catalytic Project (2016-2018) entitled “Other Universals” which focuses on intellectual connections across India, the Caribbean and Africa. Her current book project , To Empire Bound: Black Solidarity before the Rise of Anti-Colonial Nationalism, excavates black globalism in Cape Town at the dawn of the twentieth century and its investments in empire thinking. She holds a PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University.