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Antina von Schnitzler is a Research Associate at WiSER. Trained as an anthropologist, her research has focused on citizenship and political subjectivities, the anthropology of infrastructure and technology, urban ecologies, postcoloniality and questions of time and temporality. Her first book Democracy’s Infrastructure: Neoliberalism, Techno-Politics and Citizenship after Apartheid (Princeton University Press, forthcoming) historically and ethnographically explores the politics of infrastructure in South African from the late-apartheid period to the present, focusing in particular on the history, travel and social life of prepayment metering technology. Her articles have appeared in the American Ethnologist, Cultural Anthropology and the Journal of Southern African Studies.

She has previously held positions at Reed College and at the University of Notre Dame, and is currently Assistant Professor of International Affairs and an affiliated faculty member in the Department of Anthropology at The New School in New York.


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