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Sharad is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Berkeley. His career has spanned geography, history and anthropology, from 'Anthrohistory' at the University of Michigan to geography at LSE, to, most recently (2013-16), CISA and Anthropology at Wits. Sharad is interested in geography as history of the present and possible future, as well as geo-graphy as a form of world/Earth/ocean-writing. His 2004 book, Fraternal Capital, stretches Marxist agrarian studies in an agrarian historical ethnography of an industrial town whose dynamism hinges on the work of 'self-made men.' His subsequent book project called 'Apartheid Remains' employs a Black Marxist critique of biopolitics to explore the materiality of racial capitalism and struggle before, during and after apartheid in Durban. He is also formulating research on formations of oceanic capital in the nonlinear currents of the Southern African Indian Ocean.