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A former Rhodes scholar, Steinberg has a doctorate in political theory from Oxford University where he currently teaches.
Steinberg is a public intellectual of note, a multitalented writer whose insightful and engaging work covers a remarkably wide range of topics related to some of the fundamental questions facing South Africa and the African continent today.
Steinberg's body of work is an outstanding fit with WiSER’s focus on social, economic and cultural research in an interdisciplinary vein, reaching across many and varied publics.

His books include Midlands: A Very South African MurderThe Number, Three Letter Plague: A Young Man's Journey through a Great Epidemic, Thin Blue: The Unwritten Rules of Policing South AfricaLittle Liberia: An African Odyssey in New York City, and the recently published A Man of Good Hope.

Jonny will join WiSER in April.