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Georges Macaire Eyenga is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research (Wits University, Johannesburg). He is conducting a study on the introduction of drones as a new type of infrastructure for healthcare service delivery in Ghana and how this impact on the making of space. His postdoctoral research based on data he obtained during a stay in Ghana focuses on the creation of new assemblages of drone and GPS technologies, legal regulations, economic interests, underlying infrastructures, people, and imaginaries of better healthcare. His work also focuses on technopolitical experiments in the field of remote surveillance and biometric identification in Cameroon.

Eyenga holds a MA in Political Science obtained in 2015 from the University of Yaoundé II in Cameroon and a PhD in Sociology obtained in 2019 from the Université Paris Nanterre. His doctoral thesis focused on penal policies and prisons in Cameroon where he analyses the role and place of prisons in state management. Eyenga was a laureate of the European Commission's Erasmus Mundus scholarship in 2014 at the Université Rouen-Normandie in France. Eyenga is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Dschang and a permanent member of the Unité de Recherches Politiques, Stratégiques et Sociales (URPOSSOC). He is also an Associate researcher at the LAM / UMR 5115 - CNRS - Sciences Po Bordeaux and at the Paul Ango Ela Foundation (FPAE) in Yaoundé.  He has published “Les nouveaux yeux de l'État? L'introduction de la télésurveillance dans l'espace public à Yaoundé", Cahiers d'études africaines, (n°244, 2021, pp.753-776); « La fabrique de l'association scientifique. Pratiques bureaucratiques et processus subjectifs en milieu universitaire », Émulations - Revue de sciences sociales, (n° 37, 2021, pp.119-135); (with Morelle, M., Awondo, P., Birwe, H.), « Politique de réforme et matérialité de la prison au Cameroun », Politique africaine (n°150, 2018, pp.75-96); « Ethnicité et nouveaux mouvements sociaux au Cameroun », Émulations - Revue de sciences sociales, (n°19, 2017, pp.51-70).