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Associate Professor Asli Telli holds a PhD in media and communications studies from a dual American and Swiss programme, where her dissertation focused on the changing nature of contemporary cities, urban spaces and digital spheres; published into a book, entitled, "The Infinite City: Politics of Speed". Before coming to Germany as a Research Associate at Locating Media Graduate Program of Uni-Siegen in 2017, she taught and advised college students as well as adult learners in the US, Switzerland, Malta and Turkey. Asli led a number of local and EU-funded projects in fields of political communication, STS, grassroots activism and scholarly dissent for 20 years. She has published widely in competent outlets on participatory cultures, knowledge commons, political communication and platform resistance. Her current fields of interest include exile knowledge workers as collaborative commons, digital platforms for dissent action and diaspora politics. She contributes to several recent projects, including “Issue Mapping as part of Critical Action Research” and "Design process for Decolonizing Digital Rights Field in Europe". Lately, she collaborates with her colleagues in reflecting on critical peace studies, knowledge commons and collaborative design for knowledge futures as part of her remote fellowship at WISER, Wits. For further info on her academic work: