The emotional toll of social justice work in medicine and law

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 - 16:30

The emotional toll of social justice work in medicine and law
What aspiring social justice practitioners ought to know: Lessons from Life Esidimeni

Adler Museum, Wits Medical School
Tuesday 14 August 5–7pm

With Prof Jonathan Klaaren (WiSER), Sasha Stevenson (SECTION27), Nompumelelo Seme (Wits School of Law/Section 27), Ingrid Froneman and Mohammed Kaskar (Wits School of Medicine), Dr Ashleigh Prior (Wits School of Medicine), Suhail Mohammed (Wits School of Law) and Dr Ninakhulu Ntsanwisi (Wits School of Law).

WiSER, in partnership with Section 27, the Wits School of Law and Students for Law and Social Justice will discuss the impact of working on the Life Esidemeni case as a way to discuss the challenge of sustaining practice in the professions of law and medicine. Speakers will be responding to the attached briefing note. The event will look at the implications for professional identity, institutional contexts, and the retention of doctors and lawyers in the professions.

The event will coincide with Adler’s exhibition Human rights for people living with mental illness – a travelling exhibition from the German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology that will run from 9 July-24 August.





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