Responding to African Digital Platform Economies: A Preliminary Regulatory Space Analysis

Presented by Jon Klaaren

Monday, 20 April, 2020 - 16:00

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Abstract :  Around the globe, a number of jurisdictions and initiatives are currently and freshly examining the fast-changing markets and economies of data, ICT, credit, and privacy. These jurisdictions and initiatives are trying to understand and respond to fast-changing corporate structures and societal trends. The dominant response is one of national regulation, with efforts differing significantly among the UK, the USA, Europe, Germany, Australia, and Africa. In addition to the telecommunications and media industry sectors, cross-economy regulatory sectors that are involved include competition, privacy, and consumer affairs and their respective regulatory institutions. After outlining diverse global, national and African regulatory developments reacting to the development of these digital platforms using a regulatory space analysis, this paper explores a potential African response combining rights-based techniques and regulatory strategies within this field.

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