The politics of social exclusion : Transformation in Cricket South Africa

Presented by Lewis Manthata

Monday, 13 August, 2018 - 15:00

Transformation is a topical issue within cricket circles in South Africa and will continue to remain so until there is redress. The study of cricket and transformation can be viewed as a social metaphor that allows for the analysis on socio- economic issues in the country. The main aim was to establish whether the cricket fraternity has succeeded in reshaping the game, and in contributing to building a new national culture in a democracy. Despite the efforts to level the playing field through development initiatives, the reality of an unequal society continues to determine the ‘codes’ of behaviour and action of South African cricket. The paper aims to show that the game has struggled to navigate the waters of transformation and change even in post – apartheid South Africa. The paper seeks to understand and analyse the reasons that prevent effective transformation as stipulated by the constitution of the country.

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