Digital Identity and Data Privacy in Africa : Research Notes and Links

Tools for researching Digital Identity on the African Continent

Use a documentary database management tool – Zotero (keeping track of the changing web, sharing)

* Good summary overview : Gelb and Metz Identification Revolution

* Biometric Update :

** Linked to ID4AFRICA

> Google News Alerts

* World Bank ID4D – :

Country Briefs are invaluable (although also constrained)

Other World Bank reports, especially on digitisation and infrastructure, also invaluable and extensive

* CGAP – mobile payment infrastructures

* GSMA (Global System for Mobile Comms)

* Consulting Firms


* Government reports, Commissions, Court Cases

** Budgets, Revenue Authority Annual Reports :

Eg :

** White Papers


* NGO reports

Finmark Trust (SADC)

Financial Sector Deepening :

* Host of commissioned research projects : Caribou Digital, Microsave


Mostly these are advocates – Finding Critics (Most academics …)

University Dspace Repositories (especially European and American)

Privacy International – Tom Fisher

Twitter ...