Civil Registration Centre for Development, The Hague and the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, Johannesburg

Media and Publications on the problems of registration and identification emerging from the Workshop

Aug 2015 Mia Harbitz co-authored the report of the Global Identity Management conference held last year in Seoul:

15 July 2015 Mariana Dahan and Alan Gelb's blog-post about the SDG target on identification

15 July 2015 Edgar Whitley's blog-post about the UK Verify Service

June 2015  Bronwen Manby wrote a study on nationality, migration, and statelessness issues in West Africa for UNHCR and IOM:

28 May 2015 Bronwen Manby and Edgar Whitley blog-post at the London School of Economics    

1 May 2015.  Laura van Waas’ blog-post:
30 April 2015.  Laura Mann's description of the workshop:
28 April 2015.   Mariana Dahan and Alan Gelb's summary of the key problems and findings of the workshop and their effects.
17 March 2015.  Guilia Piccolino's paper on voter registration in Benin has just been published by Development and Change and her blog post for the Washington Post on Nigeria's investment in biometric registration for its forthcoming election