WISER Seminar Papers

WISER, and its predecessors the Institute for Advanced Study and the African Studies Institute, have hosted an inter-disciplinary seminar in southern African research for almost half a century. Listed here are the papers for which we have information. Much of the data comes from the Wits Wiredspace project, and the papers are stored on their servers. This list is ordered chronologically, extending back to the middle of the 1960s.

29 Apr 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Isabel
  • Hofmeyr
African Bodies, European Texts: Picturing The Pilgrim's Progress in Africa
22 Apr 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Ivor
  • Chipkin
Nationalism and Democracy in South Africa
25 Mar 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Shireen
  • Hassim
Negotiating Spaces: The role of women in South Africa's transition
18 Mar 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Frederic
  • Le Marcis
Common Illnesses: Anthropology of Health in Everyday Life in Maasina (Mali)
11 Mar 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Noor
  • Nieftagodien
The Role of Local Authorities in the Emergence of Group Areas and Modern Townships on the East Rand in the 1950s
4 Mar 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Ralph
  • Austen
Market Integration through Peasantization: The Economic Transformation of Africa, the Carribean and India under Modern Colonialism
25 Feb 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Azeem
  • Badroodien
Rac(e)ing Crime and Poverty into the Present: The State, Colouredness, and Correctional Institutionalization in the Period before 1960
18 Feb 2002 - 6:00pm
  • Achille
  • Mbembe
African Modes of Self-Writing: A Critique of Political Economy and Nativism
20 Nov 2001 - 3:15pm
  • William
  • Beinart
Rewriting Twentieth-Century South Africa: General History in a Post-Apartheid Era
14 Nov 2001 - 3:15pm
  • Thomas
  • Blom Hansen
Ethnographies of the Post Colonial State
23 Oct 2001 - 3:15pm
  • Gerti
  • Hesseling
Legal Plurism, Decentralization and Conflict in the Sahel
28 Sep 2001 - 3:15pm
  • Bogumil
  • Jewsiewicki
Mourning and Memory in Congo
14 Sep 2001 - 3:15pm
  • Jean John
  • Comaroff Comaroff
The Unreason of the Law
28 Feb 1996 - 3:00pm
  • Keith
  • Breckenridge
We Must Speak For Ourselves': The Rise And Fall Of The Public Sphere On The Witwatersrand Gold Mines, 1920-1933.