WISER Seminar Papers

WISER is very pleased to host the Wits Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities. The presentations for the remainder of the current academic semester are listed below. The seminar takes place every Monday during the teaching term at 3:00pm in the WISER Seminar Room. Participants should please note that they are required to read the paper prior to the event. WISER, and its predecessor institutions the Institute for Advanced Study and the African Studies Institute, have hosted similar seminars that date back to the late 1960s. The archive of those events is also available on the WISER web site at http://wiser.wits.ac.za.
Date Presented by Title
  • Juliet EK
  • Walker
Prologue To Capitalism, Free Enterprise And Black Entrepreneurship: A Comparative History Of Black Business In The United States And South Africa.
  • Hoyt S
  • Alverson
Africans In South African Industry The Human Dimension.
  • Trump. m.
Black South African Short Fiction In English Since 1976.
  • Albert
  • Grundlingh
Black Men In A White Man's War: The Impact Of The First World War On South African Blacks.
  • Robert
  • Thornton
Ethnicity And The Geometry Of Power.
  • Cynthia
  • Kros
Eiselen And The Clash Of Languages.
  • D.
  • Magadlela
Smallholder Irrigation Intervention As A Strategy For Rural Development: Some Sociological Observations.
  • Stephan
  • Schirmer
Agriculture In Lydenburg: The Context For Resistance, 1900-1960.
  • E A
  • Brett
Rural Development' And Strategies For Changes Aspects Of The East African Case.
  • Alan
  • Mabin
Land Clearances At Pilgrims Rest.
  • Tom
  • Lodge
The Creation Of A Mass Movement: Strikes And Defiance, 1950-1952.
  • Tom
  • Lodge
The African National Congress Comes Home.
  • Isabel
  • Hofmeyr
No Chief, No Exchange, No Story.
  • Ran
  • Greenstein
Identity, Race, History: South Africa And The Pan-african Context.
  • Noel
  • Garson
South Africa, Imperial Preference And Ottawa 1925-1932.
  • Peter
  • Kallaway
Tribesman, Trader, Peasant And Proletarian: The Process Of Transition From Pre-capitalist 'natural Economy To A Capitalist Mode Of Production In The Hinterland Of The Kimberley Diamond Fields During The 19th Century.
  • C.
  • Van Onselen
Worker Consciousness In Black Miners: Southern Rhodesia 1900-1920.
  • Timothy
  • Keegan
Crisis And Catharsis In The Development Of Capitalism In Sa Agriculture
  • M.
  • Dagut
The South African Economy Into The Eighties.
  • Leslie
  • Bank
Beyond Tile Bovine Mystique: Entrepreneurship Class & Identity In Qwaqwa.
  • Glen
  • Adler
The Neglected Role Of Labour Relations In The South African Public Service.