Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Public Events
Name Title Datesort descending WISER Research Theme
Duncan M. Yoon Toward the Global South Novel: Africa, China, and Bofane's Congo Inc. 25-Jul-2018 Oceanic Humanities, African Futures
Nolwazi Mkhwanazi Invitation | WellSexuality Projects | Tuesday 31 July 5-7pm 31-Jul-2018 Medical Humanities in Africa
Sisonke Msimang WISER and Governing Intimacies Invitation : Discussion of Sisonke Msimang's Always Another Country 07-Aug-2018 Governing Intimacies
Jonathan Klaaren The emotional toll of social justice work in medicine and law 14-Aug-2018 Medical Humanities in Africa
Jonathan Klaaren Public event | The emotional toll of social justice work in medicine and law | Adler Museum 14-Aug-2018 Medical Humanities in Africa, Law and personhood
Sarah Nuttall Digital Imaginaries: Premonition 06-Sep-2018 Digital Humanities, Curating the Afropolitan City, Locations of African Critical Theory
Keith Breckenridge Divinatory computation : the politics of Artificial Intelligence 11-Sep-2018 Digital Humanities, Knowledge Futures
Isabel Hofmeyr Yvette Christiansë events at WiSER | 13 & 14 Sept 13-Sep-2018 Oceanic Humanities
Shireen Hassim Invite : Book Discussion : SORRY, NOT SORRY by Haji Mohamed Dawjee | 18 Sept | 5pm 18-Sep-2018 Governing Intimacies
Keith Breckenridge 4th seminar in the Mellon 30th Anniversary Seminar Series | Mapping African Futures on the topic of Consumption | 3 Oct 03-Oct-2018 African Futures
Bongani Madondo Symposium on Telegraph to the Sky - Towards Afrofuturism 3.0. | 17-18 Oct 17-Oct-2018 Curating the Afropolitan City, African Futures
Sarah Nuttall Multi Crisis - Global South literary humanities in an era of global crises | 30-31 Oct 30-Oct-2018 Curating the Afropolitan City, Knowledge Futures, African Futures
Sarah Nuttall WiSER welcomes Professor Richard Rottenburg 01-Jan-2019 African Futures
Achille Mbembe Invite : Lunch time seminar by Alicia Girón | 12 Feb | 1pm 12-Feb-2019 African Futures
Sarah Nuttall Invite : Book Discussion : EVERYONE IS PRESENT by Terry Kurgan | 14 Feb | 1pm 14-Feb-2019 Governing Intimacies
Book Launches
Name Title Datesort descending WISER Research Theme
Achille Mbembe NEW DATE | Invitation | Launch of Franz Fanon, Psychiatry and Politics | Tuesday 30 July | 1pm 30-Jul-2018 Medical Humanities in Africa, African Futures
Achille Mbembe Invite - The Politics of Custom: Chiefship, Capital and the State in Contemporary Africa | 15 Aug | 6pm 15-Aug-2018 Public Positions on History and Politics, Knowledge Futures, Locations of African Critical Theory
Isabel Hofmeyr WiSER and African Literature invite you to the launch of Mapule Mohulatsi's book Mizz President 30-Aug-2018 Oceanic Humanities, Locations of African Critical Theory
Keith Breckenridge Book Launch : Anne Mager & Phiko Velelo -- House of Tshatshu | 18 Oct | 12:30 pm 18-Oct-2018 Public Positions on History and Politics, Law and personhood
Isabel Hofmeyr Book talk by Thomas F. McDow Buying Time: Debt and Mobility in the Western Indian Ocean 18-Oct-2018 Oceanic Humanities
Zanele Muholi Book Discussion : Zanele Muholi's Somnyama Ngonyama | 25 Oct | 6pm 25-Oct-2018 Governing Intimacies, Curating the Afropolitan City
Sarah Nuttall Invite : JOHANNESBURG LAUNCH | EVERYONE IS PRESENT BY TERRY KURGAN 14-Nov-2018 Curating the Afropolitan City
Jonathan Klaaren Invite : Seminar by Prof Theunis Roux on his recent book The Politico-Legal Dynamics of Judicial Review: a Comparative A 14-Feb-2019 Law and personhood
Sarah Nuttall Invite: Launch of Acts of Transgression - Contemporary live art in South Africa | 20 Feb | 1pm 20-Feb-2019 Curating the Afropolitan City, Locations of African Critical Theory
Keith Breckenridge Book Launch : Bill Freund's Twentieth-Century South Africa - A Developmental History 21-Feb-2019 Public Positions on History and Politics
Name Title Datesort descending WISER Research Theme
Carina Truyts Fishfinger stew and peach tarts: from hunger to nourishment in the Dwars River Valley 30-Jul-2018
Simone Haysom WISER Invitation -- Heroin Coast: the political economy of the heroin trade along the Indian Ocean seaboard 02-Aug-2018 Oceanic Humanities
Ruth Sacks The City Speaks for Itself: Notes on approaching architecture in Kinshasa 06-Aug-2018
Carolyn Steedman Social History comes to Warwick 08-Aug-2018 Governing Intimacies
Lewis Manthata The politics of social exclusion : Transformation in Cricket South Africa 13-Aug-2018
Ian Shapiro Democratic Competition: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 15-Aug-2018 Governing Intimacies, Public Positions on History and Politics
Isabel Hofmeyr Literary Ecologies of the Indian Ocean World: Mauritian and Southern African Intersections 16-Aug-2018 Oceanic Humanities
Danny Bradlow Money Talks: International Law and the Governance of International Finance 20-Aug-2018
Caio Simões de Araújo “One of the most dangerous documents ever produced”: the United Nations, the Global South and the politics of race in th 27-Aug-2018
Dilip Menon At the End of Time: Thinking with Water 29-Aug-2018 Oceanic Humanities
Euclides Goncalves Arquivo Morto: notes on institutional memory in postcolonial Mozambique 10-Sep-2018
Wendy Kline Psychedelic Birth: Bodies, Boundaries, and the Perception of Pain in the 1970s 17-Sep-2018
Thato Masiangoako Rationalizing injustice: surprising reinforcement of legal hegemony in South Africa 01-Oct-2018
Rodrigo Naranjo The Dynamic of Captivity and the American Imagination 04-Oct-2018
Keith Breckenridge Seminar by Johan Lagae : “Sorry Congo !?” On the positionality of architectural history in dealing with Congo’s colonial 08-Oct-2018 Curating the Afropolitan City
Alf Gunvald Political Modernity in the Postcolony: Some Reflections of India's Bhil Heartland 08-Oct-2018
Melanie Boehi A South African social garden: People, plants and multispecies histories in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden 15-Oct-2018
Richard Pithouse Forging New Political Identities in the Shanty Towns of Durban, South Africa 22-Oct-2018
T. Dunbar Moodie Confessing remorse about the evils of Apartheid: the Dutch Reformed Church in the Nineteen-Eighties 29-Oct-2018
Name Title Datesort descending WISER Research Theme
Shireen Hassim WISER INVITATION : Telling Lives - Truth Lies History | 6 Aug | Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study 06-Aug-2018 Governing Intimacies
Pamila Gupta The Filmic and Photographic: African Visual Cultures 25-Nov-2018 Locations of African Critical Theory, Sugarman