Past Events

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Book Launches
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Sarah Nuttall Launch of Picturing Change Curating visual culture at post-apartheid universities 05-Jun-2013
Sarah Nuttall Launch of Isabel Hofmeyr’s new book: Gandhi’s Printing Press Experiments in Slow Reading 28-May-2013
John Masterson Launch of The Disorder of Things : A Foucauldian Approach to the Work of Nuruddin Farah 08-May-2013
Zoe Groves Book Launch -- The Hard Road to Reform: The Politics of Zimbabwe's Global Political Agreement, edited by Brian Raft 18-Apr-2013
Ran Greenstein Book Launch: Pretending democracy: Israel, an ethnocratic state 19-Feb-2013
Keith Breckenridge Invitation to a Book Launch 29-Oct-2012
Ashlee Neser WISER and Wits Press book launch: Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa 12-Sep-2012
John Wright WISER and Wits Press Launch of UKhahlamba: Umlando wezintaba zoKhahlamba / History of the uKhahlamba Mountains (John Wri 07-Aug-2012
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Alan Mabin Southern theory and cities of the South 03-Jun-2013
Imraan Coovadia Coetzee: In and Out of Cape Town 27-May-2013
Sarah Nuttall Private lives and public cultures in South Africa 20-May-2013
Maggie Davey The Okhela Story 13-May-2013
Cynthia Kros ‘Facing up to the Past’: a comparative venture along the trajectories of two truth commissions – The Independent Commiss 06-May-2013
Lucy Allais On Freedom and Forgiveness 22-Apr-2013
Achille Mbembe Africa in Theory 08-Apr-2013
Ivor Chipkin Capitalism, City, Apartheid in the Twenty First Century 25-Mar-2013
Jacob Dlamini My traitors' narratives: Betrayal in South African history 18-Mar-2013
Andrew Macdonald The Beggar Chiefs of St. Zaia: Nestorian 'Great Deceivers' in South Africa and the Benevolent Empire, 1860s-19 11-Mar-2013
Alex Lichtenstein From Durban to Wiehahn: Black Workers, Employers, and the State in South Africa during the 1970s 25-Feb-2013
Deborah James Regulating credit: tackling the redistributiveness of neoliberalism 18-Feb-2013
Zoe Groves Transnational Migration and Pan-African Solidarity: the Case of the Central African Federation, 1953-1963 12-Nov-2012
Stacey Sommerdyk Negotiating Cross-Cultural Trade in the Eighteenth Century: From the Atlantic Coast Markets to the Congo River Basin 05-Nov-2012
Joel Quirk Slavery and 'Lesser' Servitudes: Separate and Stratified or Blended Together? 29-Oct-2012
Jeff Guy Continuities, contexts and concepts: making sense of Shepstone 22-Oct-2012
Lindelwa Dalamba Gwigwi Mrwebi, Ghetto Musicians, and the Jazz Imperative: the Social and Musical Dynamics of South African Jazz in 1960s 15-Oct-2012
Vukile Khumalo A post-apartheid (rural) citizen, 1986 – 1991: Provisional Notes on Rural Transformation Association 08-Oct-2012
Keith Breckenridge Imperial biometric laboratory 04-Oct-2012
Jimmy Pieterse Dictionaries and Discourses of Deviance 17-Sep-2012
Bheki Peterson Dignity, memory and the future under siege: reconciliation and nation-building in post-apartheid South Africa 10-Sep-2012
Malose, Karl Langa, von Holdt Insurgent citizenship, class formation and the dual nature of community protest: a case study of Kungcatsha 27-Aug-2012
Mark Hunter Circuits of Schooling and the Production of Space: the Household, Education, and Symbolic Struggles after Apartheid 20-Aug-2012
Ran Greenstein Israel/Palestine and the apartheid analogy: theoretical and methodological considerations 13-Aug-2012
Catherine Burns Writing the history of sex in South Africa 06-Aug-2012
Liz Gunner K.E.Masinga, Zulu Radio and the Politics of Migrant Aurality 30-Jul-2012
Luise White The Lost History of the Rhonasians: Rhodesian Independence and the Place of Race in Decolonization 26-Jul-2012
Lynn Thomas Imported Cosmetics and Colonial Crucibles: Pre-histories to the Twentieth-century Use of Commercial Skin Lighteners 23-Jul-2012
Derek Peterson The Work of Time in Uganda 23-Jul-2012
Keith Shear At War with the Pass Laws? Administrative Reform and the Policing of White Supremacy in 1940s South Africa 16-Jul-2012
Ivor, Barbara Chipkin, Lipietz Transforming South Africa’s Racial Bureaucracy: New Public Management and public sector reform in contemporary South Af 18-Jun-2012
Vashna Jagarnath The Diary as 'The Mirror of the self.' The daily discipline of diary writing in shaping Gandhi's private 04-Jun-2012
Richard Pithouse Thought Amidst Waste 28-May-2012
Alan Mabin think metropole: memory, citizenship and futures in Paris, São Paolo and Johannesburg 21-May-2012
Lucy Allais Kant on giving to beggars 14-May-2012
Dunbar Moodie “Cyril’s eyes lit up.” Roelf Meyer, Francois Venter, the Afrikaner Broederbond and the decision to abandon "group r 07-May-2012
Dilip Menon Doing the Intellectual History of Colonial India 23-Apr-2012
Julia Hornberger From Drug Safety to Drug Security 16-Apr-2012
Rory, Carolyn, Litheko Bester, Hamilton, Modisane Circulation, Visual Forms and the Public Life of Ideas 26-Mar-2012
Loren Landau Hospitality without hosts: Mobility and communities of convenience in Africa's Urban estuaries 19-Mar-2012
Isabel Hofmeyr The Folds of Empire: Gandhi and Print culture in the Indian Ocean world 12-Mar-2012
Prinisha Badassy 'This sinister business in babies' - The perils of baby-farming scandals and Infant Life Protection Legislatio 05-Mar-2012
Jon Hyslop 'Ghostlike' Seafarers and Sailing Ship Nostalgia: The Steamship Lascar in the British Imagination c.1880-1960 27-Feb-2012
Ute Holl Media, Ethnology and Cybernetics 20-Feb-2012
Roger Southall South Africa's Fractured Power Elite 13-Feb-2012
Cameroon - The Golden Days of the Kingdom 08-Feb-2012
Doctoral Fellowships 2012 12-Jan-2012
Wiser Directorship 12-Jan-2012
Public Events
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Sarah Nuttall TAXI POETRY: From Fiction to Reality 29-May-2013
Didier Fassin The Moral World of the Police 23-May-2013
Dilip Menon Making a Song and Dance of it: taking Bollywood seriously 15-May-2013
Sarah Nuttall A new series of WiSER and Wits Press book talks: Early Black Intellectuals 24-Apr-2013
Sarah Nuttall What's at stake in the Reeva Steenkamp murder trial? 18-Apr-2013
Joan Pau Rubiès Travel Writing and the origins of the Enlightenment 16-Apr-2013
Catherine Burns How do we theorize rape? 11-Apr-2013
Louise Bethlehem Lauren Beukes: Instalments in a Literature of the Governed 03-Apr-2013
Achille Mbembe Difference and repetition: reflections on the current South African moment 14-Mar-2013
Martin Klein Slavery in the Cities of the Slave Trade 14-Mar-2013
Keith Breckenridge Finding and Managing Digital Resources: Repositories and Zotero 13-Mar-2013 Digital Humanities
Duncan Green Political Economy of Citizenship: which matters more, poverty or inequality? 13-Mar-2013
Achille Mbembe Santu Mofokeng in conversation with Achille Mbembe 07-Mar-2013
Sarah Nuttall William Kentridge in conversation with Sarah Nuttall 21-Feb-2013
David Theo Goldberg Public Symposium on New Directions In Critical Race Theory 08-Feb-2013
Crystal Biruk Soap, Bloodsuckers, and Surveys: Moral Economies of AIDS Survey Research in Malawi 24-Jan-2013
The University of the Witwatersrand has appointed a new WISER Director: Professor Sarah Nuttall 01-Jan-2013
Keith Breckenridge Book Discussion -- Saving Mandela: The Rivonia Trial and the Fate of South Africa 06-Dec-2012
Theresa Edlmann Dialogues and Discursive Laagers: Reflections on The Legacies of the Apartheid Wars Project 24-Oct-2012
Benedict Carton SHAKA’S PROGENY: Historical reflections on global Zulu culture in the modern Atlantic world 09-Oct-2012
Leigh-Ann Naidoo Justifying the Removal of Non-Natives: A Case Study from Hawaii 02-Oct-2012
Juan Cole The Great Arab Upheavals of 2011-2012: Causes and Consequences 24-Aug-2012
Keith Breckenridge Zotero Workshop 08-Aug-2012
Caroline Jeannerat Book launch: Embroiled - Jeannerat, Morier-Genoud and Péclard 26-Jul-2012
Keith Breckenridge Beyond Governmentality and Developmentalism: The Infrastructure of Citizenship 07-Jul-2012
Leigh-Ann Naidoo JWTC Public Events: Futures of Nature 02-Jul-2012
Catherine Burns Debating the ANC "Second Transition" Policy Documents 30-May-2012
Achille Mbembe Southern Theory | Global Humanities -- A Lecture Series on Frantz Fanon 28-May-2012
Moeletsi Mbheki Moeletsi Mbeki: What has the ANC achieved in nearly two decades? 24-May-2012
David Johnson European utopias of the Indian Ocean from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries: conquest, trade, and heterosexist fanta 03-May-2012
Keith Breckenridge Introduction to Zotero -- Keith Breckenridge 05-Apr-2012
Rosina Conde ‘Those were the days’, an autobiographical essay which concerns her student days in the 1970s in Mexico. 27-Mar-2012
Liz Gunner Book Launch of Radio in Africa: Publics, Cultures, Communities 22-Mar-2012
Ina Kerner Is it all Intersectional? Conceptualizing the Relation of Racism and Sexism 22-Mar-2012
William Beinart William Beinart on the _Prickly Pear: The Social History of a Plant in the Eastern Cape_ 08-Mar-2012
Sarah Maddison Postcolonial guilt and national identity: Historical injustice and the Australian settler state 23-Feb-2012
Achille Mbembe Desert studies: more from less than ZERO 02-Feb-2012
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Catherine Burns Body Knowledge: Medicine and the Humanities in Conversation 15-Mar-2013
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Catherine Burns Doctoral Fellowships 05-Mar-2013
Masters by thesis scholarship to begin 2012 and end June 2013 31-May-2012
Najibha Deshmukh Masters by thesis scholarship on Xenophobia Made and Unmade through Language Encounters and Language Usage: A Study Base 17-Apr-2012
Advertisement: WISER Directorship 31-Mar-2012
WISH Seminars
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Ariana, Maria Lissoni, Suriano Married to the ANC: the life histories of Tanzanian women and their entanglement in South Africa’s liberation struggle 01-Oct-2012
Peter Limb African Associational Life and Journalism in Central Johannesburg of the 1910s 11-Jun-2012