Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Public Events
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Videobrasil 30 Years 26-Jun-2014 African Futures
Catherine Burns Migrancy and Health 04-Jun-2014 Medical Humanities in Africa
Insa Nolte The Survey as a Social Event: What field notes tell us about the quality and contextuality of quantitative data 29-May-2014
Daniela Goeller Impilo Mapantsula : The role of imagination, narrative and story-telling in IsiPantsula culture and dance 22-May-2014
Sarah Nuttall Sven Augustijnen's 'Spectres' at WiSER 15-May-2014
Monica Popescu Beyond the Black Atlantic: Angola, The Eastern Bloc and the Cold War 15-Apr-2014
Raewyn Connell Thinking gender from the global South 11-Apr-2014
Emery Kalema Violence and Memory: The Mulele rebellion in Postcolonial DR Congo 07-Apr-2014
Tamar Garb Retrotopia: “Secretly I Will Love You More” 03-Apr-2014
Anne Allison Precarious Japan 27-Mar-2014
Deborah James Deeper into a hole: borrowing and lending in South Africa 27-Mar-2014
Bruce Janz Digital Place and Urban Space 13-Mar-2014
Three WiSER-Duke Writing Fellowships Awarded 23-Feb-2014
Catherine Burns The trouble with being female in politics 13-Feb-2014
Keith Breckenridge Discussion of Sujit Sivasundaram's Islanded 11-Feb-2014
Catherine Burns Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Clare Loveday (composer) and Nandipha Mntambo (artist) 07-Feb-2014
Isabel Hofmeyr Telescopic Modernism: Ulysses, the Stars, and South Africa 14-Nov-2013
Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Lost in Transformation? Reviewing 20 years of transformation in South Africa 10-Oct-2013
Keith Breckenridge Trying to Save Reason from Racism: Hegel vs. Kant on Autonomy and Diversity 06-Sep-2013
Catherine Burns Body Knowledge: Medicine and the Humanities in Conversation 02-Sep-2013
Penny Siopis Exhibition Opening: Colin Richards, A Fine Line 15-Aug-2013
Dominique Malaquais Politics of the Punch: A Zaire Chronicle 14-Aug-2013
Andrew van der Vlies ‘Apartheid Cyborg’: Agaat, Adoption, Technics & Time 14-Aug-2013
Walter Mignolo Walter Mignolo on Spirit Return to the East: The Racial Distribution of Capital and Knowledge 08-Aug-2013
Maxim Bolt The Roots of Impermanence: Settlement, Transience and Farm Labour on the Zimbabwean-South African Border 07-Aug-2013
Pamila Gupta Reading a Photographic Archive from Indian Ocean Africa: Capital Art Studio in Stone Town, Zanzibar 23-Jul-2013 African Futures
John Comaroff The Return of Khulekani Khumalo, Zombie Captive: Imposture, Law, and the Paradoxes of Personhood in South Africa 17-Jul-2013
Keith Breckenridge Panel Discussion of Open Access Publishing 04-Jul-2013
Catherine Burns Roundtable: Global South studies of, and responses to, Rape 03-Jul-2013
Sarah Nuttall Textual Commodities in Empire 10-Jun-2013
Keith Breckenridge Public Lecture by Arvind Panagariya on ‘India’s Growth Explosion: Its Roots and Impact on the Poor’ 07-Jun-2013
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
M. Neelika Jayawardane Immobilised by Immigration 26-Jun-2014
Achille Mbembe CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: New Ethnographies of Johannesburg 15-Jun-2014
Adrien Delmas 20 Years into Democracy: South Africa and Social Sciences 15-Apr-2014
PhD Fellows Social Theory Reading Group: The Writings of Stuart Hall 25-Mar-2014
Nick Matlin Moving Past the Original Crime: The Freedom Charter and its Fantasies 24-Oct-2013
Jendele Hungbo Participation and Imagined Citizenship in Nigerian Talk Radio: The Case of Rock City FM’s ‘The Daybreak Show 10-Sep-2013
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
M. Neelika Jayawardane in Conversation with David Goldblatt 24-Jun-2014 Curating the Afropolitan City
Sarah Nuttall WiSER-DUKE Writing Fellowship 31-Oct-2013
WISH Seminars
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Jonathan Klaaren Regulating the South African Judiciary: 2012-2013 23-Jun-2014
Dilip Menon Degeneration and satyagraha: Hind Swaraj and the crisis of liberal democracy 09-Jun-2014
Catherine Burns Race, Sex, Birth and Blood in South African History : “Rhesus sensitization in the Bantu” in South Africa, 1940 to 1970 02-Jun-2014
Aurelia Segatti “Mobutu’s Ghost”: Mobilising against foreign retailers in Kinshasa (DRC). Indigenization, autochthony and emerging urban 26-May-2014
Paige Sweet Unquoting the Past: Authorship and Appropriation in Zakes Mda’s The Heart of Redness 19-May-2014
Ruth Sacks Looking for the Congo in Congo Style: Dreamscapes in Belgian Art Nouveau and the nightmare of the African colony 12-May-2014
Gustav Peebles Rehabilitating the hoard: the social dynamics of unbanking in Africa and beyond 26-Aug-2013
Public Positions
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Zweli Jolobe Public Positions : The crisis of democratic representation in local government 26-May-2014 Public Positions on History and Politics, Curating the Afropolitan City
Julia Hornberger Public Positions : Police against the People 14-Apr-2014 Public Positions on History and Politics
Jonathan Klaaren Public Positions on History and Politics : The Cost of Justice 24-Mar-2014 Public Positions on History and Politics
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Keith Breckenridge Workshop 1 : Conclusion 17-May-2014
Keith Breckenridge Programme for Workshop 1 : The Global South as an idea and a source of theory 05-May-2014 Sugarman
Department of Sociology Life and Legacies of Stuart Hall 10-Apr-2014
Karin Barber Audiences and publics in Africa 08-Apr-2014
Hylton White Temporariness and the Everyday Conversations with Charles Piot and Ann Allison 26-Mar-2014
Sarah Nuttall Call for applications to 2014 annual JWTC session 21-Mar-2014
STS Africa Mapping Science and Technology in Africa: Traveling Technologies and Global Dis\orders 13-Feb-2014
Faeeza Ballim Mapping Science and Technology in Africa: Traveling technologies and global dis\orders 12-Feb-2014
Lynn Thomas Workshop with the Editors of the Journal of African History 03-Jul-2013
Achille Mbembe JWTC Newsletter 03-Jul-2013
Book Launches
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Achille Mbembe Launch of The Cambridge Companion to Nelson Mandela 05-May-2014
Caroline Kihato Launch of Migrant Women of Johannesburg 26-Mar-2014
Sarah Nuttall Launch of Mark Gevisser's Lost and Found in Johannesburg 04-Mar-2014
Sarah Nuttall Book Launch -- Richard Rive : a partial biography by Shaun Viljoen 23-Oct-2013
Sarah Nuttall Book Launch -- CATEGORIES OF PERSONS Rethinking Ourselves and Others by Megan Jones and Jacob Dlamini 10-Oct-2013
Keith Breckenridge Book Launch: Jeff Guy's Theophilus Shepstone and the Forging of Natal 01-Oct-2013
Catherine Burns Book Launch -- Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle by Silvia Federici 17-Sep-2013
Catherine Burns Men & Violence: Launch of Special Edition of Agenda, No 95 22-Aug-2013
Gill Hart Book Launch -- Rethinking the South African Crisis: Nationalism, Populism, Hegemony by Gill Hart 12-Aug-2013
Meghan Healy - Clancy Book Launch -- A World of their Own: A History of South African Women's Education by Meghan Healy-Clancy 05-Aug-2013
Achille Mbembe Book Launch, Accented Futures: Language Activism and the Ending of Apartheid 29-Jul-2013
Achille Mbembe Book Launch: The Future as Cultural Fact by Arjun Appadurai 24-Jun-2013
Catherine Burns Launch of a new Book by Mandisa Mbali - South African Aids Activism and Global Health Politics 06-Jun-2013
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Antonio Tomas Skin of the city: Luanda or the dialectics of spatial transformation 05-May-2014
Stefan Helgesson Radicalising Temporal Difference: Anthropology, Postcolonial Theory and the Question of Time 22-Apr-2014
Jon Soske Unfinished Debates: Settler Liberalism, East Africa, and the Origins of Non-Racialism 14-Apr-2014
Luise White Other People's Sons: Conscription in the Rhodesian Army 1972-80 07-Apr-2014
David Johnson Print culture and imagining the Union of South Africa 24-Mar-2014
Lisa Vetten Daughters of the Revolution: Spectacle and narrative in S v Zuma 17-Mar-2014
Laura Phillips Principals, chiefs and school committees:The development of local school administration in rural lebowa, 1972 – 1990 10-Mar-2014
Amy Niang Deferred reciprocity: ransoming and the ethics of compensatory justice 03-Mar-2014
Ivor Chipkin Can the People Govern? Popular Sovereignty and the Sovereignty of Ordinary People 24-Feb-2014
Paul Landau The Unstable Terrain of (Auto)Biography in <i>The Struggle</i> 17-Feb-2014
Roger Southall Black and Middle Class in South Africa 10-Feb-2014
Keith Breckenridge Science of Empire: The South African Origins of Galton's Eugenics 18-Nov-2013
Mehita Iqani Spectacles or Publics? Billboards, magazine covers, and ‘selfies’ as spaces of appearance 11-Nov-2013
Stephen Sparks Dependence, discipline and the morality of consumption: an intellectual history of the SASOL project 04-Nov-2013
Marijke du Toit “Anginayo ngisho indibilishi!” (I don’t have a penny!) The gender politics of “Native Welfare” in Durban, 1930-1939. 28-Oct-2013
Roger Southall Black and Middle Class in South Africa, 1910 – 1994 14-Oct-2013
Chris Lee Suzerainty or Empire: U.S. Military Intervention in the Indian Ocean, 1963-1970 07-Oct-2013
Shula Marks Social Justice or Grandiose Scheme? : The 1944 National Health Services Commission (the Gluckman Commission) Revisite 30-Sep-2013
Thembisa, Goolam Waetjen, Vahed Passages of Ink: Decoding the Natal Indentured Records into the Digital Age 16-Sep-2013
Bernard Dubbeld How social security becomes social insecurity: fluid households, crisis talk and the value of grants in a KwaZulu-Natal 09-Sep-2013
Keith Hart Manifesto for a Human Economy 19-Aug-2013
Pier Larson Literacy and Power in Madagascar 12-Aug-2013
Meghan Healy-Clancy ‘Marching Forward’: Rethinking African Nationalist Public Culture from the Women’s Pages of the Bantu World, 1935-1948 05-Aug-2013
Ran Greenstein The Palestinian national movement and the anti-colonial struggle 29-Jul-2013
Hlonipha Mokoena Anonymity and the Zulu Policeman: An Economy of Portraiture 22-Jul-2013
Lynn Thomas Local Manufacturing of Skin Lighteners and Divergent Markets 15-Jul-2013
Dan Magaziner Two Stories About Art, Education and Beauty in 20th Century South Africa 10-Jun-2013