Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Ngaka Mosiane The Body and City Space 30-Aug-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Carolyn Dinshaw Black Skin, Green Masks: Medieval Foliate Heads, Racial Trauma, and Queer World-making. 29-Aug-2016
Anthony Bogues Decolonisation and Beyond: Three Lectures on Sylvia Wynter 24-Aug-2016 African Futures
Juan Obarrio Africa in Theory 22-Aug-2016 African Futures
Linda Gordon Unemployed activism in the 1930s : long-term structural change, gender and the meanings of independence 15-Aug-2016
Sarah Nuttall Knowledge Futures 14-Aug-2016 African Futures
Drew Thompson ID'ing Mozambique's Post-Independence Development and History from 1975 to 1993 08-Aug-2016
Sarah Nuttall The Climate of Race 08-Aug-2016 African Futures
Noah Tamarkin Becoming Genetic Jews: Lemba Political Histories of Racial, Religious, and Cultural Difference in Twentieth-Century Sout 04-Aug-2016
Sam Daly Sworn on the Gun: Law and Crime in the Nigerian Civil War, 1967-1970. 25-Jul-2016
Pamila Gupta Toxicity, Waste, Detritus 07-Jul-2016 Sugarman
Madhumita Lahiri Children of the Sun: W.E.B. Du Bois, Jessie Redmon Fauset, and The Brownies’ Book (1920-21) 05-Jul-2016 Law and personhood, Digital Humanities
Monica Popescu Aesthetic Systems and the Cold War: Rethinking African Literary History 28-Jun-2016 African Futures
Leslie James The Face of Fascism 15-Jun-2016 African Futures
Ruth Sacks Object Agencies: Congolese artifacts as exhibition organisms 06-Jun-2016
Tom Penfold Writing the City from Below 31-May-2016 Curating the Afropolitan City
Simonne Horowitz Transplant 31-May-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi Provincializing Slavery: Abolition, Law, Slave Subjects 30-May-2016
David Johnson Clements Kadalie and the language of freedom 26-May-2016 Public Positions on History and Politics
Simonne Horwitz Race, gender and the South African ‘blood wars’. 23-May-2016
Ngaka Mosiane Livelihoods, the body, and city space. 16-May-2016
Eric Allina From 'New Man' to Superman: The politics of work and socialism, from Maputo to Karl-Marx-Stadt, c. 1982 09-May-2016
Keith Breckenridge Political Economy Seminar on Hirschman's Exit Voice and Loyalty 05-May-2016 African Futures
Ellison Tjirera City as a Creature of Law – Revisiting Windhoek’s Legal Architecture 25-Apr-2016
John Stremlau Valid Voting? Electoral Integrity and the Role of Pan-African Observers in Advancing Peace and Democratic Governance 18-Apr-2016
Nicole Fleetwood Carceral Aesthetics: Prison Art and Public Culture 14-Apr-2016 African Futures
Neo Lekgotla laga Ramoupi A Critique of the Discourse on Africanization of Knowledge In the Universities in Africa: The Whys and How Far in Camero 11-Apr-2016
Yasmina Martin "Now I am not scared": Transnational HIV/AIDS Activism through the lens of Simon Nkoli 04-Apr-2016
David Cohen Small matter of truth 24-Mar-2016
Keith Breckenridge Political Economy seminar on Mackenzie's Material Markets (OUP, 2008) 22-Mar-2016 African Futures
Saleem Badat Deciphering the Meanings of the South African Higher Education Student Protests 17-Mar-2016 African Futures
Julie Parle ‘A drug, like a scalpel, in an unskilled hand is a dangerous weapon…’ : South African struggles over pharmaceutical regu 14-Mar-2016
Laura Foster Re-Inventing Hoodia: Patentability, Materiality, and the Making of Belonging in South Africa 09-Mar-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Polo Moji David Coplan Workshops with Graham Furniss 09-Mar-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Claudia Gastrow Musseque Nation: Uncivil Citizens and Urban Space in Luanda, Angola 07-Mar-2016
Joshua Walker Face Values: Trust and Suspicion in Democratic Republic of Congo 29-Feb-2016
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating Political Economy seminar on Fred Cooper's Africa in the World: Capitalism, Empire, Nation-State (Har 25-Feb-2016 African Futures
Samantha Vice Aesthetic Injustice 22-Feb-2016
Keith Breckenridge PhD Presentation Lumkile Mondi 05-Feb-2016 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating Political Economy seminar on Seekings and Nattrass -- Policy, Politics and Poverty in South Africa (Palgra 22-Oct-2015 African Futures
Lisa Vetten Who Cares? Post-Rape Services and the Expanded Public Works Programme in South Africa 16-Oct-2015 Medical Humanities in Africa
Saul Dubow Racial Irredentism, Ethnogenesis, and White Supremacy in High-Apartheid South Africa 15-Oct-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, Law and personhood, Medical Humanities in Africa
Nigel Gibson Fanon in Tunis: Politics and Psychiatry 06-Oct-2015 African Futures
Achille Mbembe Concerning Violence: Reading Beyond Sartre 05-Oct-2015 African Futures
Manon Denoun Forms across the Global Village Exposures and Exhibition For and From Makwacha (Democratic Republic of Congo) 05-Oct-2015 Curating the Afropolitan City, African Futures
Stuart Whipps Photography and Archive 02-Oct-2015 Curating the Afropolitan City
Danny Herwitz Post-Postcolonial: Figaro South of the Zambesi 01-Oct-2015 Curating the Afropolitan City
Lumkile Mondi The Political Economy of Energy : Doctoral Thesis Proposal 24-Sep-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Deborah James The New Middle Class in the Global South 22-Sep-2015 Law and personhood
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating Political Economy seminar on Jim Ferguson's Give a Man a Fish: Reflections on the New Politics of Dis 17-Sep-2015 African Futures
Sarah Nuttall Humanitarian/Consumer? 16-Sep-2015 African Futures
Mariusz Lukasiewicz Mines, Information and Imperialism: The making of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Chamber of Mines. 1886-1889 27-Aug-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating Political Economy seminar on Catherine Boone's Property and political order in Africa: land rights an 20-Aug-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics
Robert G. O’Meally Liquid at the Borders 17-Aug-2015 African Futures
Jay Schutte Made in Other Words 06-Aug-2015 African Futures
Book Launches
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Chabani Manganyi Discussion of 'Apartheid and the Making of a Black Psychologist' 24-Aug-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Richard Pithouse Launch of 'Writing the Decline' 20-Jul-2016 African Futures
Ilana van Wyk Launch of 'A Church of Strangers' 18-May-2016 African Futures
Maxim Bolt Launch of 'Zimbabwe’s Migrants and South Africa’s Border Farms' 11-May-2016 African Futures
Grace Musila Launch of 'A Death Retold in Truth and Rumour' 11-May-2016 African Futures
Thula Simpson Launch of 'Umkhonto we Sizwe: The ANC’S Armed Struggle' 20-Apr-2016 African Futures
Pumla Dineo Gqola Launch of 'Rape: A South African Nightmare' 02-Mar-2016 African Futures
Steven Robins Launch of 'Letters of Stone' 24-Feb-2016 African Futures
Panashe Chigumadzi Launch of 'Sweet Medicine' 24-Oct-2015 African Futures
David Theo Goldberg Launch of 'Are We All Postracial Yet?' 12-Oct-2015 African Futures
Elleke Boehmer Launch of 'The Shouting in the Dark' and 'Indian Arrivals' 17-Sep-2015 African Futures
Terry Kurgan Launch of 'Wide Angle: Photography as Participatory Practice' 12-Sep-2015 African Futures
Catherine Burns Book Launch: Justin Pearce's Political Identity and Conflict in Central Angola, 1975–2002 08-Sep-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Ricardo Soares de Oliviera Angola Since the Civil War: Oil, Reconstruction and Illiberal Statebuilding 13-Aug-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Achille Mbembe Book Lounge Launch of On The Postcolony 06-Aug-2015 African Futures
Public Events
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Sarah Nuttall Theory from the South: Where are We? 23-Aug-2016 African Futures
Achille Mbembe Advanced Study Seminar on Violence, Non-Violence, and the Future of Democracy 30-May-2016 African Futures
Keith Breckenridge Digital Humanities : Zotero and the research databases 11-May-2016 Digital Humanities
Victoria Hume Can music help us understand delirium in hospital? 15-Apr-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Ebrahim Deen Boko Haram : Nigeria's Militancy Problem 05-Apr-2016 Public Positions on History and Politics
Roger Southall Launch of 'The New Black Middle Class in South Africa' 15-Mar-2016 African Futures
Graham Furniss The British Academy and the Association of Commonwealth Universities on research cultures and the issues surrounding ear 10-Mar-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Graham Furniss Visions of an Alternative World: The Early Appeal of Boko Haram 07-Mar-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Achille Mbembe Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Annual Lecture 21-Nov-2015 African Futures
Lucy Allais Kant on Race and Kant’s Racism 08-Oct-2015 Law and personhood, African Futures
Achille Mbembe The Politics of Aspiration and the End of Utopia 07-Oct-2015 African Futures
Achille Mbembe What Fanon Said Fest 02-Oct-2015 African Futures
Simon Wood Viewing Mobility 21-Sep-2015 Law and personhood
Federico Navarrete Race, Violence and Death in Post-National Mexico 17-Sep-2015 Law and personhood
Keith Breckenridge New technologies and strategies in Digital History 03-Sep-2015 Sugarman, Digital Humanities
Kim Gurney The Art of Public Space 19-Aug-2015 Curating the Afropolitan City
Howard Stein Formalization, Dispossession and the G8 Land Agenda in Africa 13-Aug-2015 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures
Achille Mbembe Opening of 1:1 by Alinka Echeverría 09-Aug-2015 African Futures
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Vivek Chibber The Promise and Pitfalls of Postcolonial Theory 11-Aug-2016 African Futures
Keith Breckenridge Technology Studies in Africa 10-Jul-2016 Sugarman
Catherine Burns Silicosis: Past, Present, and Future 09-Jun-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Lisa Vetten Gender Based Violence and Rape Culture on Campus 31-May-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Shireen Hassim Chantal Mouffe in Conversation 10-Mar-2016 African Futures
Stephen Sparks History after EP Thompson 16-Nov-2015 Digital Humanities
Stephen Sparks History after E.P. Thompson 12-Nov-2015 Sugarman
Joshua Walker Report from DRC Conference: "Post-Extractive Futures: Living Without and Beyond Diamonds in Mbujimayi" 21-Oct-2015 African Futures
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Sarah Emily Duff Call for Nominations: Fass-Sandin Article Prize for 2016 17-Apr-2016 Medical Humanities in Africa
Sarah Nuttall New people at WISER in 2016 01-Mar-2016 Curating the Afropolitan City, Law and personhood, Digital Humanities, African Futures
Public Positions
Name Title Datesort ascending WISER Research Theme
Keith Breckenridge Public Positions: The Implications of Anglo's Fall 12-Apr-2016 Public Positions on History and Politics
Khadija Patel Intersectional Writing in Times of Protest 17-Feb-2016 Public Positions on History and Politics, African Futures