Public Positions : Property, communal land, and traditional leadership

Tuesday, 22 July, 2014 - 16:30

The questions of land ownership, rights to the land, and the relationship of both traditional leadership, individuals, and the ‘community’ to rural land are much more complex than most commentators will acknowledge. There is a rich scholarship on the relationships between private property rights and communal land use; there is also a long history of efforts to produce something like a realisable right to communal land in South Africa. The recent effort to pass the Traditional Courts bill, the re-opening of land claims and Minister Gugile Nkwinti's proposals for new forms of ownership of commercial farm land have brought these questions to the foreground of social justice discussions.

WISER, the Department of Politics and History Workshop invite you to join us for the fourth panel discussion in the series of Public Positions on History and Politics.   In this session Aninka Claassens (Public Law UCT) will present a short paper which will be discussed by the following panel:

Chair:   Noor Nieftagodien, History Workshop


  • Gavin Capps, SWOP
  • Nomboniso Gasa, PNG Services & UCT Centre for Law & Society

On-line streaming of this event will be available from approximately 5:15pm.

Refreshments will be served; please RSVP to Najibha Deshmukh (