Public positions on History and Politics : Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century

Wednesday, 20 May, 2015 - 17:30

WISER, the Department of Politics and History Workshop invite you to join us for the ninth panel discussion in the series of Public Positions on History and Politics:


  • Imraan Valodia (Dean of Commerce, Law and Management)


  • Vishnu Padayachee (Economics, Wits)
  • Lumkile Mondi (Economics, Wits)
  • Keith Breckenridge (WISER)
On-line streaming of this event will be available from approximately 6:15pm.

Refreshments will be served and we ask those who plan to attend to RSVP to Najibha Deshmukh ( before noon on May 18.

Brief:   Piketty's study of the long-term structures of accumulation under capitalism has had powerful effects on the scholarly and political understandings of the forms and causes of inequality -- and possible remedies -- in societies around the world.  For South Africans, plagued by globally distinctive forms of inequality, Piketty's famous study has particular significance.  In this session we will consider the implications of Capital in the 21st Century.  What does this work mean for our understanding of the South African economy, of Apartheid, and, especially, for the possibilities of local and global political remedies for inequality and injustice?  Vishnu Padayachee will offer a short paper, followed by discussions by Lumkile Mondi and Keith Breckenridge.

Public Positions on History and Politics is a project of the Department of Political Studies, History Workshop and WiSER at the University of the Witwatersrand intended to enrich public debate about Social Justice in South Africa.  The Mail and Guardian is our Media Partner, and the project was initiated with support from the Raith Foundation.