Public and Private Health Systems and the quality of care

Tuesday, 2 September, 2014 - 16:30


The debate over the provision of health care in South Africa, one of the key determinants of a more equitable society, usually takes the form of an argument over resources, and of profits. In this theme we will examine how the economic questions can obscure what are often more important problems of proper care in both the private and the publicly funded institutions. How will South Africans secure a health care system that provides them with the kind of consideration, dignified and careful service that all citizens should expect?

WISER, the Department of Politics and History Workshop invite you to join us for the fifth panel discussion in the series of Public Positions on History and Politics.   In this session Mark Heywood (Section 27) will present a short paper which will be followed by discussions from Ayanda Ntsaluba (Discovery Health) and Martin Smith (Surgery at Wits and Baragwanath Hospital).  The panel will be chaired by Laetitia Rispel (Wits School of Public Health).

On-line streaming of this event will be available on this page from approximately 5:15pm.

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