The History of Black Lawyers in South Africa

Wednesday, 1 June, 2022 - 17:00

Call For Papers


The History of Black Lawyers in South Africa


Despite several recent innovative works, there has been no in-depth study to date of the black legal profession in South Africa, either historically or in the present. It is also true that, parallel to a rising interest in the globalization of the contemporary legal profession, southern African regional scholarship on the history of black lawyers has seen a recent mini-boom.  

WiSER invites contributions to a workshop it intends to host in August of this year on this topic, with a view to exploring, charting and consolidating current debates and research scholarship on the topic. The event will be convened by Professor Jonathan Klaaren with the assistance and direction from an organizing committee.  Abstracts and expressions of interest in the topic should be sent to Prof Klaaren ( copied to Najibha Deshmukh ( by 1 June, 2022. Selected abstracts and contributions will then form the basis for the workshop with a view towards participants pursuing the opportunity to publish their papers in a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal. 


This is an open call and we much look forward to receiving your submissions. Please also share this call widely with your networks.

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