Book Launch of the State of Secularism - Religion, Tradition & Democracy in South Africa by Dhammamegha Annie Leatt | 11 Oct | 1pm

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017 - 13:00

WiSER and Wits University Press invite you to a book launch:

Religion, Tradition & Democracy in South Africa

By Dhammamegha Annie Leatt

‘Religion in South Africa’s past’, writes Dhammamegha Annie Leatt, has been ‘saturated by politics’ and politics ‘saturated by religion’. So how, she asks, was it possible for a new democratic state to found itself without religious authority? Why did the churches give up so much of their political role in the transition? How can we think about tradition and the customary in relation to secularism? How can we not?

The State of Secularism traces the history of global political secularism, and takes us through an exploration of the roles played by religion and traditional authority in apartheid South Africa, to the position of religion in the post-apartheid state. Leatt analyses the negotiations relating to religion in the constitution-making process, arguing that South Africa is both secular in its Constitution and judicial foundations, and increasingly non-secular in its embrace of traditional authorities and customary law.

Speakers: Pamila Gupta and Jonathan Klaaren

Chair: Achille Mbembe  

Wednesday, 11th October 2017

WiSER Seminar Room
6th Floor, Richard Ward Building
East Campus, Wits University