The trumpet of Armageddon : South Africa-Zimbabwe special permits and the fear of going back home

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies, Volume 1, Number 2, p.9–26 (2020)



The discussion below treads the thin line between literature and language. Through critical engagement with the past and current, and on-going events, we experiment with genre mixing by drawing on creative literary works, online newspaper reports, and readers‟ comments to these reports to expose the apparent contradictions – ironies and paradoxes – of black existence, especially in view of hashtag black lives matter protest movements. Invoking the debates around South Africa-Zimbabwe Special Permits, we raise questions about the idea of “home” in the context of migration. We deliberately apply the principle of animal migration as a conceptual framework to horn in on what really is home and where home is for a black person.


Publisher: Adonis & Abbey Publishers