Review of Christa Kuljian's "Darwin's Hunch" in South African Journal of Science

Darwin's Hunch, by WiSER Research Associate Christa Kuljian, has been reviewed by Professor Alan G. Morris (University of Cape Town) for the South African Journal of Science.

"Darwin’s Hunch by Christa Kuljian is an important book because the search for fossil humans and the understanding of human variation is so important to South Africa. [...] 

Kuljian tracks through the more modern evidence and how our earlier social and academic biases and interests have impacted on current research. [...]

Kuljian has tried to go beyond the simple recounting of investigative tales…she has teased out the stories of the long overlooked – the field workers, lab assistants and women researchers. [...]

For those of us still working in the field, Kuljian makes us ask awkward questions of ourselves….she forces us to examine our science to see if it is not only correct, but appropriate and socially just."

Read the full review, attached here.