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Zoe Groves received a PhD in history from Keele University in 2011. There she also obtained a BA Hons in International History and Philosophy (2004) and an MRes in African History (2005). Her PhD thesis examined the social, cultural and political lives of ‘Nyasas’ (Malawians) situating them within Salisbury (Harare) during the colonial-settler era, and tracing their experiences throughout rapid urbanisation, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the rise of Malawian and Zimbabwean nationalism. This work highlighted the cultural contribution of Nyasa migrants to the city and provided new insights into the connections between regional nationalist movements. While conducting her doctoral research Zoe held research associate status at the University of Zimbabwe and was affiliated with the history department at the Chancellor College, University of Malawi. More broadly, Zoe’s research interests lie in African urban history, transnational migration in central and southern Africa, and the formation of cultural, ethnic and national identities. Her new research project investigates social histories of migration between South Africa and Zimbabwe. Again employing a bi-focal methodology, this work seeks to challenge conventional nation-based approaches to historical research.

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