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Paddy O’Halloran is a PhD student in History. His research looks to historicize xenophobia in South Africa, focusing on xenophobia as a politics, while recognizing that inclusive or anti-xenophobic politics have emerged from the same history. Areas of special interest include space, race, citizenship, colonialism, and people’s politics.

Paddy earned an MA in Political Studies from Rhodes University (2016), where he studied with the Unit for the Humanities at Rhodes University (UHURU). His thesis considered the spatial-political concepts, ‘urban’ and ‘rural’, both historically and through the politics of contemporary social movements in the Grahamstown region of the Eastern Cape. His BA in History and Anthropology is from Fordham University, New York (2010), including a year at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Paddy has worked in research and editorial roles on questions of global public health, and as a freelance writer on topics including xenophobia and student politics in South Africa and the United States.

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