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After three years of lecturing on Buddhism and critical theory at the Religious Studies department at UCT, Dhammameghā returned to do a post-doc at WiSER in the Medical Humanities project. She received her PhD from WISER in 2011 with a thesis titled 'The state of Secularism: Constituting Religion and Tradition toward a post-apartheid South Africa'Her interests lie in the intersection of religion, politics and society. Her graduate work was in religious studies (UCT and UC Santa Barbara), and particularly in the areas of the politicization of religion and culture, gender, sexuality and religious communities, and secularisation.

Aside from her academic work, Dhammameghā spent a decade working as a researcher and manager in various NGOs in South Africa. She worked at the Law, Race and Gender Research Unit and was the executive director of Triangle Project, at the time the biggest LGBTI NGO in Africa. And for 3 years she headed the Child Poverty Programme, a social policy research unit at the Children’s Institute at UCT. She has published in areas of social justice, sexuality, legislative reform and monitoring, and child health and poverty.

During her post-doc, Dhammameghā wrote on secularism, neurosciences and changing practices and conceptions of the human, and on white sangomas . She is also a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order (hence the Pali name), and a coach.