The English Department | 26 April | Call for Abstracts

The English Department

Now open for title and abstract submissions

This short symposium will consider past lives and current formations of literary study in South Africa. It will open a discussion about how this discipline has shaped itself, or been shaped by, divergent political, intellectual and aesthetic forces,  over the last fifty years and how it could be re-animated in the present. We will consider longstanding interventions in relation to curriculum change and canon reformation, newly confronted by demands for a different kind of university and epistemology. The symposium  will also consider the performative aspects of “the English department” within a wider economy of humanities scholarship, often convened by, but distinct from, “English” (media studies, cultural studies, translation studies, African languages and others). All of this will lead us to ask: what does—and could—a twenty-first century literary studies in South Africa today look like?

Friday 26 April, WISER seminar room, 10am to 4pm

If you would like to participate in this Symposium, please send us your proposed  title and abstract. Speaker places are limited. We are requesting fully fledged, research-based, 20 minute narrative presentations, or 10 minute interventions in a short, sharp public panel format structured around three key points. Please submit abstracts to copied to by 31st March 2019