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Title Body

The Documentation of Individual Identity: Historical and Comparative Perspectives since 1500. An international network of academics sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust. Many of the participants in this project were involved in the two international workshops hosted by Eddie Higgs and Jane Caplan, and we owe a real intellectual debt to that project.

Projet Bertillon

Developed by Pierre Piazza and Ilsen About, this a multimedia archive in English and French covering the life of Alphonse Bertillon. If you have examples of Bertillonage that are not covered on their rich web site please bring it to their attention.

Surveillance Studies Centre at Queens

David Lyon's work at Queens has provided a home for the comparative study of surveillance for many years. The new Centre for Surveillance Studies institutionalises the international scholarship that has long been hosted in Kingston.

History & Policy

History and Policy is a partnership between the Insitute for Historical Research and the Centre for Contemporary British History, the Centre for History in Public Health, and the History Faculty at Cambridge. Their website works to bring historical research to the attention of policy makers and implementers. Simon Szreter is one of the founders of History and Policy