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Papers organized by panels

1 A Diversity of historical origins around the World

Richard von Glahn Household Registration, Property Rights, and Social Obligations in Imperial China: Principles and Practices
Tamar Herzog Naming, Identifying and Authorizing Movement in Spain and Spanish America (17-18th centuries).
Simon Szreter Civil registration in early modern England and amongst the English overseas

2 Imperialism in the Long 19th Century

Gopinath Ravindran Registration practices in India during and after the Raj
Stanley Engerman Monitoring the Abolition of the International Slave Trade: Slave Registration in the British Caribbean and the Recording of Slaves in the United States.
Khaled Fahmy Birth of the ‘secular’ individual: medical and legal methods of identification in 19th-century Egypt

3 Nation-States before the 20th Century

Registration systems in the early modern Netherlands
Osamu Saito Japanese identity registration systems before and after the Meiji Restoration
Andreas Fahrmeir Too much information? Registering citizens' identity and citizens' movements in nineteenth-century German states
Gayle Lonergan Privilege or Right - Moscow Residential Registration 1890 - 1917
Susan Pearson Of Populations and Persons: Registering Birth in the United States of America

4 20th Century French Practices

Pierre Piazza The Identity registration system, identification number and national ID card during the Vichy regime (France, 1940-1944).
Fred Cooper Voting, Welfare, and Registration: The strange fate of the état-civil in French Africa, 1945-1960
Claudine Dardy The French system civil status registration : a sociopolitical test through two examples contrasted, the Island of Mayotte, new French department and Haiti first independent black Republic after the seism  

5 Registration systems in African History

Pier Larson An Empire of Counting: The Multiple Origins of Imerina’s Military Bureaucracy and its Conflicts over Personal Identity (Madagascar, 1820-45)
Andrew Macdonald The Identity Thieves of the Indian Ocean: Collision and Collusion between South Africa and South Asia since 1900
Keith Breckenridge The 20th century collapse of African civil registration in South Africa
Shane Doyle Parish baptism registers, vital registration and fixing identities in Uganda

6 The Rights Agenda: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives

Dominique Marshall The Right of Registration and the Rights of the Child agenda
Anne-Emanuelle Birn Uruguay's child rights approach to health in the interwar period:  what role for civil registration?
Jim Ferguson What Comes after the Social? Toward a New Anthropology of Distribution

7 21st Century Identity Registration Techniques across the Globe

Karl Jakob Krogness Comparison of Japanese and Korean Household Registration Systems since 2000
David Lyon Promoting Global Identification: Corporations, IGOs and ID card systems
Francie Lund The Development and Effects of the Child Support Grant in Post-Apartheid South Africa