The Hague Colloquium on the Future of Legal Identity

Civil Registration Centre for Development, The Hague and the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, Johannesburg

Ashley Rockenbach

History, University of Michigan

Ashley Rockenbach is an advanced doctoral candidate in African History at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Her dissertation, provisionally titled, Home in Exile: Banyarwanda settlers and the making of the Ugandan state, 1911-present, investigates the history of Rwandan migration and settlement in 20th century Uganda. Despite decades of political exclusion, many Banyarwanda consider Uganda to be their “home.” Their stories highlight “displacement” as a historical and gendered process, one that has been integral to postcolonial state-formation. In addition to her doctoral research, Ms. Rockenbach is also part of on-going efforts to catalogue and digitize Uganda's state and district archives.