Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Book Launches
Name Title Datesort ascending
Terry Kurgan Launch of 'Wide Angle: Photography as Participatory Practice' 12-Sep-2015
Catherine Burns Book Launch: Justin Pearce's Political Identity and Conflict in Central Angola, 1975–2002 08-Sep-2015
Ricardo Soares de Oliviera Angola Since the Civil War: Oil, Reconstruction and Illiberal Statebuilding 13-Aug-2015
Achille Mbembe Book Lounge Launch of On The Postcolony 06-Aug-2015
Jason Hickel Democracy as Death: The Moral Order of Anti-Liberal Politics in South Africa 01-Jun-2015
Isabel Hofmeyr Ten Books that Shaped the British Empire: Creating an Imperial Commons 28-May-2015
Sarah Nuttall Jonny Steinberg Launch of Stephen Clingman’s 'Birthmark' 12-May-2015
Deborah James Money from Nothing 15-Apr-2015
Raymond Suttner Launch of Raymond Suttner's new book : Recovering Democracy in South Africa 19-Mar-2015
Cherryl Walker Launch of Land Divided, Land Restored edited by Ben Cousins and Cherryl Walker 24-Feb-2015
Keith Breckenridge Launch of Biometric State : The global politics of identification and surveillance in South Africa, 1850 to the Present 20-Oct-2014
Launch of Pamila Gupta's 'The Relic State' 14-Oct-2014
Jonny Steinberg Book Launch : Jonny Steinberg's A Man of Good Hope 26-Sep-2014
Saul Dubow Apartheid. A Book Launch and discussion 12-Sep-2014
Gabeba Baderoon Launch of Regarding Muslims: From Slavery to Post-Apartheid 30-Jul-2014
Public Events
Name Title Datesort ascending
Keith Breckenridge New technologies and strategies in Digital History 03-Sep-2015
Kim Gurney The Art of Public Space 19-Aug-2015
Howard Stein Formalization, Dispossession and the G8 Land Agenda in Africa 13-Aug-2015
Achille Mbembe Opening of 1:1 by Alinka Echeverría 09-Aug-2015
Achille Mbembe JCPZ Public Dialogue 05-Aug-2015
Anne Pollock Synthesising Hope: Global Health, Postcolonial Science, and South African Drug Discovery 29-Jul-2015
Srikant Saranghi The Black/Grey Box of Expertise in Professional Practice 21-Jul-2015
Gary Wilder Freedom Time 30-Jun-2015
Achille Mbembe Public Events at the JWTC 29-Jun-2015
Sharad Chari Antipode Foundation's 5th Institute for Geographies of Justice, 21-25 June 2015 22-Jun-2015
Achille Mbembe On the Postcolony 11-Jun-2015
Achille Mbembe Reinventing Pan-Africanism in the Age of Xenophobia 04-Jun-2015
Peter Danchin Between Rationality and Reason: Can There Be a Unified Theory of Religious Freedom? 25-May-2015
Claudia Gastrow Public Space: Infrastructure and Informality in the Splintering City 07-May-2015
Neo Muyanga Two Events by Neo Muyanga 06-May-2015
Achille Mbembe Decolonizing the University Now: Five New Directions 22-Apr-2015
Ran Greenstein Israeli Elections: Will Anything Change? 14-Apr-2015
Sarah Nuttall Forensic Infrastructure: Building the Global South 01-Apr-2015
Nuruddin Farah Hiding in Plain Sight 27-Mar-2015
Wang Hui Four Modernities: Japan, China, Africa, and India 26-Mar-2015
Pamila Gupta Vernacular Photography - Africa and India 19-Feb-2015
Paul Weinberg The Other Camera 18-Feb-2015
Penny Siopis Time and Again 11-Feb-2015
Neo Muyanga Bard College: A Study in Sound and Image 10-Nov-2014
Derek Peterson African Studies in the Digital Age 10-Nov-2014
Khadija Patel Duke University: Re-inventing Suburbia in Johannesburg 06-Nov-2014
Jacob Dlamini Book Discussion - Jacob Dlamini's Askari 29-Oct-2014
University of Paris 8 awards Achille Mbembe an Honorary Doctorate 23-Oct-2014
Christa Kuljian Rocking the Cradle 15-Oct-2014
Ivan Vladislavić in conversation with Stefan Helgesson 14-Oct-2014
Living together/living apart – the complexity of home 08-Oct-2014
Arrival City: Redesigning Park Station and the Precinct 07-Oct-2014
Nithaya Chetty Academic Freedom in South Africa : A public discussion of two books 25-Sep-2014
Louise Bethlehem Surface Tensions: Bodies, Buildings and Haptic Contagion 23-Sep-2014
Peter Rosendorff Transparency, Protest and Political (in)Stability 22-Sep-2014
Colloquium on Medical Male Circumcision 02-Sep-2014
Some Kind of Woman? Gender Politics, Twenty Years Later 26-Aug-2014
Neo Muyanga in Concert 07-Aug-2014
Lucy Allais Philosophy Debate on Ubuntu: Lucy Allais (Wits) and Thad Metz (UJ), chaired by Eusebius McKaiser 07-Aug-2014
The Art(s) of Forensics: A Cross-Disciplinary Conversation 06-Aug-2014
Notes on Human Rights in Africa: A Public Presentation and Conversation 05-Aug-2014
Name Title Datesort ascending
Mariusz Lukasiewicz Mines, Information and Imperialism: The making of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Chamber of Mines. 1886-1889 27-Aug-2015
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating Political Economy seminar on Catherine Boone's Property and political order in Africa: land rights an 20-Aug-2015
Robert G. O’Meally Liquid at the Borders 17-Aug-2015
Jay Schutte Made in Other Words 06-Aug-2015
Victoria J. Collis-Buthelezi Literary Education and Manufacturing Consent: Soga, Rhodes, and The Colored American Magazine 30-Jul-2015
Dilip Menon Indian Ocean Energies 25-Jul-2015
Lisa Vetten Consent, Rights and the Regulation of Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality in South Africa 15-Jul-2015
Emery Kalema The Mulele rebellion (D.R. Congo) and the production of suffering 01-Jun-2015
Belinda Bozzoli The Weberian state, civility and explanations of rape 25-May-2015
Tim Wright Mutant City: On Partial Transformations in Three Johannesburg Narratives 21-May-2015
Dilip Menon The Great Flood and Modern Times: colonial history and abbreviated time 18-May-2015
Terry Kurgan Family Affairs: Acts of Memory and Imagination 14-May-2015
Joshua Walker Lines of Communication: On the Micropolitics and Meanings of Electricity in Mbujimayi, DR Congo 12-May-2015
David Dickinson Protecting Unprotected Strikes: Casual Workers and New Technologies of Struggle in the South African Post Office 11-May-2015
Thembisa Waetjen Poppies and Gold: 'Transit' Labour and Narcopolitics on the Witwatersrand, 1904-1910 04-May-2015
Kirk Sides Ecologies of Relation: Post-Slavery, Post-Apartheid and Rethinking Race Across the Atlantic 20-Apr-2015
Antina von Schnitzler Late Apartheid Techno-Politics and Temporalities of Transition 13-Apr-2015
Liz Thornberry Sexual Consent and Political Legitimacy in the 19th Century Eastern Cape 30-Mar-2015
Lynn Thomas Agency in African history 23-Mar-2015
Amy Niang A Community out of Empire: the French Union (1946-58) as a postcolonial experiment in multinational polity 16-Mar-2015
Danai Mupotsa Proper Sex: Making Tea, Pure Romance and the Lazy Man 09-Mar-2015
Keith Breckenridge To Think Better than the State will Allow : the short history of the South African Humanities 02-Mar-2015
Rosa Williams Morbid Circulations: Labour Migration, Alcohol and the Colonial Politics of Life in Early 20C Mozambique 23-Feb-2015
Allen Isaacman Cahora Bassa : Extending South Africa's Tentacles of Empire 1965-2010 16-Feb-2015
Race and the New Orders of Theory: A Workshop 04-Dec-2014
Tim Carmichael Sihr, Karama and Social Prestige in Harär, Ethiopia: Reifying Ethnic Differences Through Oral Narratives of Islamic Pree 23-Oct-2014
Christa Kuljian Sanctuary: How an Inner City Church Spilled onto a Sidewalk 21-Aug-2014
Curating the Afropolitan City: New Ethnographies of Johannesburg 13-Aug-2014
The Arts of Human Rights: Day Two 07-Aug-2014
The Arts of Human Rights: Day One 06-Aug-2014
Public Positions
Name Title Datesort ascending
Keith Breckenridge Interrogating South African Political Economy : Fine and Rustomjee's Minerals-Energy Complex 16-Jul-2015
Keith Breckenridge Public positions on History and Politics : Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century 19-May-2015
Shireen Hassim Public positions on History and Politics : Racism, recognition and justice 17-Mar-2015
Stephanie Allais The Matric as Metric : Public Positions on Social Justice 02-Dec-2014
Marie Huchzermeyer Public Positions : The Right to the City 07-Oct-2014
Mark Heywood Public and Private Health Systems and the quality of care 01-Sep-2014
Name Title Datesort ascending
Achille Mbembe Responding to the Challenges of Racism in a Post-Apartheid South Africa 04-May-2015
Corinne Kratz CFP African Critical Inquiry Programme 01-May-2015
Medical Humanities Doctoral Fellowships 15-Dec-2014
Najibha Deshmukh Internal Appointment of Wits University research secondments 30-Nov-2014
Keith Breckenridge WISER calls for financial support for the Treatment Action Campaign 03-Nov-2014
Sarah Nuttall Fellowships at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University 01-Nov-2014
Name Title Datesort ascending
Keith Breckenridge The Hague Colloquium on the Future of Legal Identity 20-Apr-2015
Sarah Nuttall Reading the Booker: Reflections from Southern Africa 11-Mar-2015