Past Events

These are the events hosted at WISER. Other events and press notices are here.

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Name Titlesort descending Date
Keith Breckenridge WISER Interrogating Political Economy Seminar : Economization 23-Mar-2017
Witchcraft and Modernity: A Strange Complicity 07-Aug-2002
Work colonies for white men and the historiography of apartheid 01-Apr-2010
Polo Moji David Coplan Workshops with Graham Furniss 09-Mar-2016
Worlds of Power: Religious Thought and Political Practice in Africa 10-Aug-2004
Writing on Witchcraft in Times of AIDS 01-Feb-2002
Tom Penfold Writing the City from Below 31-May-2016
Writing the City: Four Post-Apartheid texts 24-Feb-2003
Writing the World from an African Metropolis 27-Sep-2004
Zulu xenophobia, Kgatla conspiracies & Pedi plots: Transvaal Native Congress politics in the 1930s 21-Feb-2005
Julie Parle ‘A drug, like a scalpel, in an unskilled hand is a dangerous weapon…’ : South African struggles over pharmaceutical regu 14-Mar-2016
Sarah Emily Duff ‘From Young Adults to Teenagers: Sex Education Manuals and the Making of Modern Youth in Apartheid South Africa’ 10-Oct-2016
Lucy Allais ‘Is there Western Philosophy?’ a discussion with Lucy Allais and Eusebius McKaiser 08-May-2017
‘Maid’ Subject: Democratic Statecraft and Domestic Workers in Post-Apartheid South Africa 26-Mar-2007
“Poor Men’s White: Turning the Popular into Cultural Heritage in Salvador, Bahia” 02-Mar-2009
Public Events
Name Titlesort descending Date
WISER invites you to the first in the series of: 24-May-2005
WISER was officially launched at a function hosted by the Vice-Chancellor 14-Sep-2001
Sarah Nuttall WiSER Winter Programme in Critical Thought 15-Aug-2017
Workshop on Radio and the Pulse of the Times 26-Oct-2006
Writing on the margin from the margin: Sinclair Beiles 09-Nov-2009
Keith Breckenridge Zotero : Things to get right capturing and sharing records 08-Jun-2017
Keith Breckenridge Zotero Workshop 08-Aug-2012
Andrew van der Vlies ‘Apartheid Cyborg’: Agaat, Adoption, Technics & Time 14-Aug-2013
Rosina Conde ‘Those were the days’, an autobiographical essay which concerns her student days in the 1970s in Mexico. 27-Mar-2012
Hlonipha Mokoena “...if Black girls had long hair” 05-Sep-2016
Name Titlesort descending Date
Sarah Nuttall WiSER-DUKE Writing Fellowship 31-Oct-2013
Name Titlesort descending Date
Wits Workshop on Law and Society 25-Sep-2003
Keith Breckenridge Workshop 1 : Conclusion 17-May-2014
Lynn Thomas Workshop with the Editors of the Journal of African History 03-Jul-2013
Workshop: 22-Aug-2005
Name Titlesort descending Date
Stephen Gerrie Ellis Ter Haar Worlds of Power: Religious Thought and Political Practice in Africa 10-Aug-2004
Liz Gunner Writing the City: Four Post-Apartheid texts 24-Feb-2003
Catherine Burns Writing the history of sex in South Africa 06-Aug-2012
Sarah Achille Nuttall Mbembe Writing the World from an African Metroplis 27-Sep-2004
Phil Bonner Zulu xenophobia, Kgatla conspiracies and Pedi plots: Transvaal Native Congress politics in the 1930s 21-Feb-2005
Cynthia Kros ‘Facing up to the Past’: a comparative venture along the trajectories of two truth commissions – The Independent Commiss 06-May-2013
Meghan Healy-Clancy ‘Marching Forward’: Rethinking African Nationalist Public Culture from the Women’s Pages of the Bantu World, 1935-1948 05-Aug-2013
Marijke du Toit “Anginayo ngisho indibilishi!” (I don’t have a penny!) The gender politics of “Native Welfare” in Durban, 1930-1939. 28-Oct-2013
Dunbar Moodie “Cyril’s eyes lit up.” Roelf Meyer, Francois Venter, the Afrikaner Broederbond and the decision to abandon "group r 07-May-2012
WISH Seminars
Name Titlesort descending Date
Aurelia Segatti “Mobutu’s Ghost”: Mobilising against foreign retailers in Kinshasa (DRC). Indigenization, autochthony and emerging urban 26-May-2014